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Replacement Conservatory Roof Ringwood

A replacement conservatory roof is a simple and sophisticated way to transform your Ringwood conservatory into a room you love.

Most of the time conservatories disappoint our expectations. The idea of them is very appealing. Who doesn’t want a relaxing sun-room in which to view the great Ringwood outdoors? But it often doesn’t turn out like that.

Conservatories are too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and let the weather wreak all manner of havoc through rainfall, sun glare and humidity. With a replacement conservatory roof, this can all change.

CountryView offers the market-leading Guardian Warm Roof; a lightweight, tiled and insulated conservatory roof. This can replace the existing glass or polycarb on your conservatory to regulate temperature, improve appearance and make the space useable all year round.

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Why consider conservatory roof replacement in Ringwood?

Save Money

Replacing your conservatory roof is more effective than pulling the whole thing down or rebuilding it as an extension. The Guardian Warm Roof can be tailored to the existing structure of your conservatory. We simply take the old roof off and put the new one on.

The in-built insulation in a Guardian Warm Roof will stabilise temperatures inside the conservatory, improving thermal efficiency. You will save money on energy bills and be able to enjoy the space more comfortably.

By improving your conservatory and essentially turning it into another room in the house, the market value of your Ringwood property will increase.

The Guardian Warm Roof also has a breathable membrane that reduces condensation inside the conservatory. This decreases the chance of mould growth and saves time and money repairing any damage.

Improve Appearance

You can choose from a wide range of design options. We have a variety of coloured slates and tiles to ensure that the replacement roof blends in with the roof of your house. We also have options in sky-lighting and plaster, wood or PVC internal finishes to make the ceiling look as sophisticated as the rest of your rooms.

Peruse our range of styles here.

This substantial replacement will make the conservatory appear more like a deliberate extension rather than a glass add-on.

Enjoy All Year Round

Conservatory roof replacement takes away all of the problems that distract from a conservatory’s ideal function. With a Guardian Warm Roof you can use your Ringwood conservatory for any purpose you wish at any time of year. Enjoy the sun, comment on the weather and use the space all within the comfort of a controlled temperature.


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Our skilled team of technicians take just three days to remove, replace and recycle your old conservatory roof. We ensure to disrupt your lives a little as possible and make the process as smooth as possible.


The Guardian Warm Roof was the first of its kind in the UK, gaining full Local Area Building Control (LABC and LABSS) approval before any other. This means that our product meets all the building regulations in Ringwood and across the nation.

Peace of Mind

All of our specially designed roofs are rigorously tested under factory conditions before being installed. We can also guarantee ten-year, comprehensive insurance.

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