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Guardian Roof


The classic Guardian Conservatory Roof shape. Together with attractive roof windows, the Edwardian Guardian Conservatory Roof is the traditional and classical look with fantastic styling and convenience the Edwardian design also helps to maximise the room space below.

classic example of guardian roof distinctive edwardian guardian roof edwardian roof style
guardian conservatory roof


The Victorian Guardian Conservatory roof offers contemporary styling for your home and gives you more options in relation to door positions.The roof is a 3-facet design and gives an attractive alternative to the Edwardian style.

stand out victorian style of solid conservatory roof contemporary victorian roof styling
Victorian guardian roof style


The Guardian Lean-To is ideal to maximise space at the back of the house. The ends can either have one or to hips (slopes). It is ideal for kitchen extensions and can go as low as 15 Degrees with roof windows.

space and light with a lean to style tiled conservatory roof wide range of lean to guardian roof finishes more space with a lean to tiled roof for the conservatory
lean to guardian roof style


The Guardian Porch take a look at the stylish and bright new look, by adding a porch to the front of your home. Take full advantage that you will receive with the added security and value to your home.

added security with a solid tiled porch range of window styles for guardian roof porches fixtures on guardian roof porches
guardian roof porches

Gable Roof

A gable roof maximizes height available with a ridge running the depth of the roof conservatory. A glass gable frame to the front ensures a classic look with a maximum amount of natural light available through the front.

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guardian roof gable style

Combination roofs

The combination or P-shape roof mixes a variety of the above styles to create a unique footprint. Internally the combination conservatory can be used in a variety of ways. It is possible split the use, maybe dining on half and lounge in another?

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a combination guardian roof style

Metrotile Shingle

Metrotile is still the only lightweight steel roofing manufacturer that is able to offer a 40 year guarantee on all of our profiles. Crafted to the highest standard under meticulous conditions, each Metrotile is forged from drawing quality 3 steel, the highest steel grade available in our industry.

Metrotile Esprit Shingle

The New Esprit Shingle is the latest roof tile innovation for Metrotile Lightweight Roofing. The sleek and modern design is based around geometric precision and straight grooves, with a textured-finished tile which captures the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional tiles and slates.

Guardian Slate

Guardian Synthetic Slate is a lightweight alternative to natural slate. Guardian Slate is manufactured from resin bonded crushed limestone, and provides a tough yet lightweight solution for your roof. The Guardian Synthetic Slate is ideal for conservatory roof conversions and due to its versatility and huge range of benefits Guardian Slate is also very popular for extensions, lean to’s and house roofs. Guardian Slate is 60% lighter than traditional slate making it perfect for conservatory roof replacements.

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Velux Skylights

Modern living is all about creating spaces that work for you and your family, and Skylights can be utilised to allow light to flood into your room or extension. Our stunning skylights will be a beautiful addition to any roof or extension, adding natural light
and volume to the room below. We offer a wide range of sizes in the
collection, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects. Our roof lanterns are particularly popular as part of single storey extensions and orangeries. Used above kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces, a roof lantern adds a spectacular focal point. Together with our knowledge and expertise we’re passionate about providing our customers with the best possible level of customer service to meet all budgets. We hope this website gives you a comprehensive insight into innovative, beautiful options on replacement conservatory roofs or new build extensions and please do not hesitate in contacting for further information and guidance.

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Guardian Solstice Roof

Our latest innovation to the Guardian Warm Roof. Whether your looking at replacing your existing conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof or are looking at a new build conservatory, Solstice Skylights have been designed to work for all popular Guardian Warm Roof styles. Made to an exceptional standard the Solstice Roof will complement any guardian replacement roof or new home extension and enhance your life by adding valuable light.

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The wire

A Tie Wire Guardian conservatory roof is far less reliant on additional structural aids unlike a traditional conservatory roof. The structural waterproof ‘deck’ acts like a ‘top hat’ preventing the roof from spreading. As such the roof system is much less relliant on old fashioned tie bars. Where these are nessessary, Countryview has worked closely with Tie Wire, an alternative system using a single 6mm stainless steel cable. The tie Wire is modern, sleek and unobtrusive

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tie wire guardian conservatory

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