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Fabricators and Installers of the innovative Guardian Roof

Guardian Roof

Technical Specification

  • 1  Choice of tile finishes
  • 2  Membrane
  • 3  Exterior grade plywood
  • 4  25mm high performance insulation
  • 5  40mm high performance insulation
  • 6  Timber battens
  • 7  72mm high performance insulated plasterboards
  • 8  Rafter
Guardian Roofs Technical Information

Save money on your heating bills

Fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards, the Guardian™ roof is a high performance insulated roof system comprising of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and a vapour membrane. All together this creates a thermally efficient living space; keeping the warm air out in the summer and preventing the heat from escaping in the winter thus saving the amount of heat energy required to keep the room at an ambient temperature.

Building regulations

Since October 2010, it has been possible for anyone to put a solid roof onto a conservatory, however in August 2013 the LABC released a circular containing some basic rules that must be followed. This applies to any roof that, with any conversion is no longer made of a clear or translucent material.


The Building as a whole must be structurally sound. Any alterations that affect the original structure must be carefully considered. The foundations must be checked to ensure their suitability for an increased loading. The conservatory window framework must be assessed also and the new roof structure must be proven structurally sound.

Thermal regulations

The new roof only must comply with part L of building regulations. This means the overall U value (thermal measurement) of the new roof must comply with current building regs (currently 0.18).
More information on these building regulations can be found here.

The guardian roof is only lightweight tiled roof system that is fully approved by the London Authority of Building Control. As part of the installation process Country view will take care of all aspects of the building control process. For supply only orders, Country view will connect customers with asw consultants, our private building control partner.



Fakro Features

  • Manufactured in pine, vacuum impregnated and coated with acrylic lacquer.
  • Handle positioned on the lower part of the sash for easy operation, and secured open in two positions.
  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 90° (complete with flashing).
  • Wide range of accessories.


FT centre pivot windows are the most popular type of FAKRO roof window. The well-designed centre pivot allows the sash to be opened in a range of positions, thus increasing the amount of fresh air which can be drawn into the room. The sash can also be rotated through 180° and locked, allowing easy and safe cleaning of the outer pane to be carried out. Such pivot windows are operated using a two-part hinge.

As the air inlet is positioned at the top of the frame, FAKRO windows have a 6% greater surface area when compared with similar sized windows made by other manufacturers. As a result they maximise the amount of natural light in a room. Non-standard window specifications, such as windows with automatic air-vents, are available to order: FTP-V/H, FTP-V/P. Also available in conservation style.


Country View Shingle

Far more durable and a better value than traditional asphalt roofing products, The Country View shingle will stand good for years to come. The Country View shingle’s 93km/h wind warranty makes it one of the most enduring roofing products available today.

• 6.35cm Hailstone Warranty
• Interlocking Design prevents leaks & adds durabilty
• Battenless installation for lower install costs.
• Lightweight at 54.55kg per 9.29m.

Stone Coated Steel

Stone-coated steel roofs have become the economical roof of choice for many homeowners. For years consumers have had limited roof selections which deliver aesthetics but are often short lived.

Why Stone Coated Steel?

The Stone-coated steel shingle is thriving and experiencing immense growth in popularity because of its superior durability, architectural styling and aesthetic appeal. Stone-coated steel is virtually bullet proof, will not crack or curl, and carries an excellent warranty.

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