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Replacement Conservatory Roof New Alresford

Conservatory roof replacement in New Alresford can make you fall back in love with your home.

If you find your conservatory a massive nuisance, this one simple home improvement could transform your view of the space.

A replacement conservatory roof is a solid, tiled alternative to traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing. It is designed to incorporate the frame, doors and windows of your conservatory, and as such, has been engineered to be extremely lightweight.

Most importantly, a replacement conservatory roof is insulated. It retains heat in winter and prevents too much heat from entering in summer. This makes it easy to control the internal temperature of your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy the New Alresford weather indoors and in comfort, all year round.

ContryView offers the Guardian Warm Roof; a layered replacement conservatory roof that has both insulating and moisture-wicking elements.

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Check List for New Alresford Conservatory Roof Replacement

A Guardian Warm Roof will have several benefits for your New Alresford home:

Insulation – The Guardian Warm Roof is in-built with three layers of high performance insulation and a semi-permeable membrane. The insulation ensures that heat is retained by the conservatory in winter and the space remains cool in summer. It will be easy for you to regulate the internal temperature to your liking. Condensation will also be eradicated, preventing mould growth.

Comfort – As well as being able to control the temperature, with a replacement conservatory roof, sun glare will be reduced. You will be able to sit and read in your conservatory on sunny days and not worry about getting a headache. Your concentration will not be disturbed by the sound of rainfall drumming on the roof. The space will be suitable for any purpose: a home office, a reading nook, a play room, whatever you need.

Financial Sense – Conservatory roof replacement is an inexpensive home improvement compared to others you could opt for. Instead of removing the conservatory and building an extension, simply replacing the conservatory roof can give you back space you never realised you had. The market value of your New Alresford property may even increase. Additionally, conservatory roof replacement pays for itself in the long run. With money you save on heating and air conditioning bills due to improved thermal regulation, you can cover your costs over time.

Style – Guardian Warm Roofs are made to be fashionable. We offer a range of styles for you to choose from in every aspect of the design. You are able to decide between modern, classical or custom roof shapes, tile colour, internal ceiling finishes and lighting options.


Why pick Guardian Replacement Conservatory Roofs, New Alresford?

A Guardian Warm Roof stands for guaranteed quality at competitive prices. We offer a 10 year warranty on our replacement conservatory roofs, and every model is tried and tested under factory conditions prior to installation.

Team Guardian take just three days to remove and replace your old conservatory roofing, before fitting the new; tailor made and custom fitted to your specifications. Our qualified technicians have a reputation for being polite, tidy and efficient in their work.

The Guardian Warm Roof was one of the first models in the country to achieve full LABC and LABSS approval for their lightweight design. This means that they will pass all building regulations in New Alresford and beyond.


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