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Replacement Conservatory Roof Hedge End

Your Hedge End conservatory may cause you grief, but no need to give up on it just yet! A replacement conservatory roof may just be the answer to your problems.

Polycarbonante and glass roofing is ineffective at keeping the weather out of your conservatory. In summer, the sun glare is too harsh, in winter, the conservatory is an ice box, and the rain is deafening all the times in between.

A tiled, lightweight replacement conservatory roof places a substantial surface between you and the great Hedge End outdoors. Here at Country View, we offer the market-leading Guardian Warm Roof as a fully insulated, good-looking replacement with the ability to save you money on energy bills.

Transform your conservatory into an integral part of your home. Read on to learn more.

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conservatory roof replacement Hedge End


Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement, Hedge End

A Guardian Warm Roof is a multi-layered construction that not only takes into account the weight specifications of your conservatory structure, but the need for insulation, ventilation and an elegant finish both inside and out.

A Guardian Warm Roof will pay for itself in the long run by saving you money on energy costs. You will no longer need to use as much heating to see you through the winter months because the conservatory will no longer leak thermal energy through the roof. The same applies to the summer season and the need for air conditioning. You will be sheltered from the sun and kept cooler.

From the inside, you will see a smart plaster ceiling with embedded electrical lighting. The clever design of a Guardian roof allows you the option to retain natural light with sky lights if you choose.

Externally, you can match the lightweight tiles to the colour scheme of your Hedge End home and make all the neighbours think you’ve built a new extension. The roof can come in a variety of different shapes to suit your house. See our range of styles to get inspiration for the design of your new conservatory roof.

Once installation is complete, you will be able to explore the potential of what was once wasted space. You can use your conservatory as an office; a dining room; a play room; whatever your household requires. The dynamic of your home will broaden.

All of these improvements may even increase the value of your property on the Hedge End housing market should you ever choose to sell.


More About Guardian Roofs, Hedge End

Guardian Warm Roofs are tailor-made to your home. They are built in accordance with all building regulations, being among the first replacement conservatory roofs to gain full LABC and LABSS approval  in Hedge End and the rest of the UK.

We will thoroughly test the structural integrity of your roof under factory conditions before it is transported and assembled on-site.

Installation takes only three days, as we stick to a rigid schedule. Our Team Guardian technicians will remove, replace and recycle your old roofing and be out of your hair, leaving your home in Hedge End neat, tidy and revived.

For more peace of mind, we can promise you a fully backed ten year guarantee.

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