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Guardian Roofs Hedge End

If you have a conservatory on your Hedge End home and are at wits end trying to decide how to make the best use of it, consider a Guardian Warm Roof.

A Guardian Warm Roof is a replacement conservatory roof. It is a tiled and solid alternative to glass and polycarb that is lightweight enough to be supported by your existing conservatory frame.

We all know that glass and polycarb are useless at insulating a conservatory. The idea of a glass sun-room is nice, but becomes impractical in summer when you’re getting sun-burn inside your own four walls. Or in winter when you’re heating the whole of Hedge End, because having a conservatory is like leaving the door open. All the heat escapes!

A Guardian Warm Roof is designed with layers of insulation and breathable membrane to make the atmosphere inside your conservatory liveable all year round. Your conservatory can become as useful to you as any other room in the house with only this one simple home improvement.

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Guardian roof Hedge End


Why Consider a Guardian Roof in Hedge End?

There are three main reasons you should at least consider a Guardian Warm Roof as the next step in making your home in Hedge End a perfect haven for your family.

1) A Peaceful Sun Room All Year Round

An insulated roof makes temperature control inside the conservatory easy no matter the season. It could be snowing outside in Hedge End, but inside you’ll be toasty warm. The rain will no longer sound like a herd of elephants and the sun glare will be sufficiently muted so as not to cause you a headache.

This kind of year-round comfort opens up all kinds of possibilities for the space. You could host dinner parties in it. You could sit and read (and keep an eye on the kids in the garden) in it. You could create a home office in your conservatory. Anything will be possible because the room becomes just like any other in the house: useful.

2) Save Those Pennies

Of course, another great advantage of having an insulated conservatory roof is that you will not need to use as much heating or air conditioning to keep the temperature inside stable. This means you can save up to two hundred pounds a year on energy bills. Over time the work will pay for itself, and should you ever come to sell, the market value of your Hedge End property could be higher.

3) Proud Home Owners

With a Guardian roof, you can be a little proud of your conservatory. Show it off, point it out to the neighbours. It will look great! Everyone will think you’ve had a swanky new extension, but little will they know you’ve just switched out the roof.

We have a great selection of styles, roofing tiles and internal ceiling finishes for you to choose from. You can match every detail to your Hedge End home and have complete control over the way your conservatory will look both inside and out.


About Guardian Roofs nr Hedge End

An innovative and cutting-edge design from the get go, the Guardian roof was among the first of its kind to pass LABC (England and Wales) and LABSS (Scotland) building regulations. We essentially proved that fitting a solid roof onto a conservatory framework was possible. With a Guardian roof, you can be sure that your Hedge End property is safe.

To further ensure your peace of mind, know that we rigorously test all our bespoke replacement conservatory roofs under factory conditions before disassembling them and installing them on-site. You will also receive a ten-year, comprehensive insurance guarantee.

Our team of courteous professionals will only take three days to strip, replace and recycle your old conservatory roofing. You’ll hardly notice we’re there, but you’ll certainly notice the difference.

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