Unlucky for some – 13 signs your conservatory roof is unfit for purpose

But help is at hand…

1) Your conservatory is so hot you have to lather the kids in suncream before letting them go in

2) Your conservatory is so hot you left a hot drink in there at the start of summer – and it’s still hot in September

3) It’s so hot, you find yourself saying ‘be careful love’ as your partner pops in just to retrieve their glasses

4) For your summer holiday, you want somewhere hot – but not conservatory hot

5) You do at least save on gym membership – to get the pounds off you just sit in your conservatory and sweat. A lot.

6) You find yourself praying for a mild, cool summer. Damn that global warming!

7) You’re not sure how hot it is because your thermometer stops at 40 degrees centigrade

8) In winter you console yourself by saying you’ve got yourselves a lovely walk-in freezer.

9) You’re thinking of getting a greenhouse just so your conservatory has something to blend in with

10) You watch Location, Location, Location – the house has a conservatory – you mutter ‘they’ll never use it…’

11) We should have known, you tell yourself. The word starts with CON after all.

12) And if glass was good for a roof, we’d have it on the whole house wouldn’t we?!

13) Those tomatoes are coming on a treat though, aren’t they.

  • We know it’s not a laughing matter if these ring true (well, some of them!). But the Guardian Roof can solve it, a solid, tiled replacement roof which makes the room usable, looks great and adds value.

  • Contact us on 023 927 80020 or use our contact us form to find out more – there’s also a quick quote form on this site.

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