Replacement Conservatory Roofs Andover

Replacement Conservatory Roofs Andover

People looking for replacement conservatory roofs in Andover have a number of options. Why then should they choose a Guardian Warm Roof, what makes our product stand out from the crowd?

We think there are three main reasons. Our replacement conservatory roofs make your conservatory not just usable but the best room in the house. They also look great, blending into the rest of the house rather than being a glass bolt-on.

And they even make financial sense, the work often paying for itself and more if and when you come to sell.

We can’t vouch for the quality or otherwise of competitors, but we do know that our product is good enough to have full Local Area Building Control approval. No equivalent other product can say that. We also have a huge number of testimonials.

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Given you’ve arrived on this page, perhaps via a search for replacement conservatory roofs Andover, you obviously know the problems which afflict so many conservatories. You’re probably living with the issues right now – is it too hot in summer, too cold in the winter to be enjoyable?

The reason is the roof, in short a glass or polycarbonate roof simply isn’t up to the job – after all how often do you see either on top of the rest of the house?

Yet, a Guardian replacement conservatory can remove this issue inside three days – the typical time frame for us to remove and recycle the old and install a new roof using our tried and tested approach.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs Andover – market leading quality

Why though if solid, tiled replacement roofs are so much better are glass and polycarb roofs so common? The answer is legislation – until 2010 conservatory roofs had to be either glass or polycarb. Thanks to the quality of Guardian roofs as an alternative, this was changed – but too often people are still buying conservatories or living with existing ones not knowing that they can upgrade so easily.

It is worth noting though that only Guardian roofs have full LABC approval as solid, tiled replacement conservatory roofs in Andover (and beyond for that matter). Only with Guardian can you buy with complete confidence.

As well as getting a conservatory which is suddenly a joy to be in, you also get one which looks great! Can we be honest – often conservatories look a bit like a bolt on to the house, a tad dated perhaps?

But our roofs come in a range of colours and styles – check out the range and have a look at the gallery. There is a style and colour of replacement conservatory roof to match all Andover houses.

Internally too they look great, there are a range of finishes available, all designed to help get the best out of the space – the room remains light and airy – just with the added benefit of being usable.

And there is a third, perhaps surprising benefit. Our replacement conservatory roofs make financial sense for Andover homeowners. Every year there are energy bill savings, the boiler can be on that bit less thanks to the roof’s far enhanced thermo efficiency.

And if you ever think of selling, the work has huge benefits in terms of the asking price. For any potential buyer, no longer are they getting a dated conservatory with its inherent problems, instead they are getting a sympathetic extension. That is work which pays for itself and often more.

To find out more, give us a call today on 023 9278 0020.

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