Replacement Conservatory Roof Windsor

A replacement conservatory roof is just what you need to make your Windsor conservatory usable and to give the room a whole new look.

Guardian’s market-leading Warm Roof  will give your conservatory the aesthetic appeal it deserves while giving it thermal efficiency it never had. 

The Guardian Warm Roof is designed with several layers of effective insulation which work to keep warm air in during winter and the hot air out in summer. In this way you have a conservatory you can comfortably spend time in throughout the year, whatever the Windsor climate has to offer.Replacement Conservatory Roof Windsor

You will also enjoy significant savings on your energy bills over time as you use less power to run your central heating or air conditioning. 

The beauty of a Guardian replacement conservatory roof in Windsor is that it is stress-free to install. No need to look for LABC approval. 

Call 023 92780020 to get expert installers for your replacement conservatory roof or select the kind of roof you want and get a quick, obligation-free quote online.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Windsor – Key Benefits

Here are some reasons a replacement conservatory roof from Guardian makes sense for your Windsor residence:

Cost: With the longevity Guardian roofs offer, you can rest assured that you won’t be repairing or replacing your roof anytime soon. In addition to this you can look forward to saving on your energy bills over time, research by the independent AECOM putting this at an estimated £200 per year win a typical property.

The superior aesthetics and temperature regulation of Guardian roofs also increase the value of your home, any would-be buyer is effectively getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory.

Ease of installation: Guardian roofs are quick and easy to install. Approved installers like CountryView should have the roof in place in a few days. And you won’t have to think about getting approval from the Local Area Building Control.

All-year comfort: Gone will be the days when you had to vacate the conservatory when it got too hot or too chilly. With a Guardian Warm Roof in place you can enjoy your Windsor conservatory any time you please. You can even convert it into an extension of your living room or the home office you’ve been dreaming of.

Request for a quote for your ideal roof online or give us a call to discuss the options for your new replacement conservatory roof in Windsor.

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