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Replacement conservatory roof – Winchester home owners, we can turn your conservatory into the room it really should be.

In most conservatories there is a very simple problem and to work out what it is you only have to look directly up. The roof; it isn’t fit for purpose. If glass or polycarbonate were great materials for a roof they would be used all over; after all they can be produced cheaply enough.

No there is a reason people search replacement conservatory roof in Winchester and beyond. The roof is the one thing that stops conservatories from being a great room, often it’s the thing that stops it even being a usable room for large chunks of the year.

Please call us today on 023 92780020 so we can discuss your needs for a replacement conservatory roof – Winchester residents, you won’t regret it!

One question we are often asked is why, if glass and polycarb roofs are so poor, are they so prevalent. The answer is two-fold, firstly until 2010 you didn’t have a choice, if you wanted a conservatory they were your roofing options.Replacement conservatory roof Winchester

However, changes to regulation mean there is now more choice. However, even now a lot of people simply aren’t aware that you can get a roof that isn’t glass or polycarbonate and is better in so many ways.

On top of this, even though solid tiled roofs are now possible, and indeed are the go-to choice for the well researched, most companies still don’t offer them.

As only the Guardian roof system has worked to get full building control approval, anyone else wanting to fit a conservatory roof is often left with the problem of still trying to push glass or polycarb to increasingly switched on consumers.

Why though go against the grain? Why choose a solid tiled replacement conservatory roof when in Winchester and elsewhere glass remains so popular. We believe there are many reasons.

Replacement conservatory roof Winchester residents, things to consider…

  • Popular and long-standing doesn’t equal proven. Glass and polycarbonate roofs still adorn the vast majority of conservatories, this doesn’t though mean they’re fit for purpose.
  • There’s a reason solid, tiled roofs are growing rapidly in popularity and why other companies cast a jealous eye towards Guardian as the only properly approved supplier and installer of such systems. In 50 years’ time people may well look back and wonder why anyone thought a glass roof was a good idea
  • Style. You want your conservatory to look good, which means it should look like it belongs with the house. We have a range of styles of roof and colours, meaning that we can make conservatories look like a beautiful extension rather than a glass bolt-on.
  • Long-term savings. Only Guardian roofs have a guaranteed U-value of 0.18, meaning they greatly reduce winter heating bills. This means that the home owner will save money year-on-year
  • A great selling point. Upgrading to a solid tiled roof can add great value to a property, often far outstripping the cost of the upgrade in the first place. They can also be a great extra benefit if you’re looking to sell in the foreseeable future.
  • Peace of mind. A replacement conservatory roof with a 40 year guarantee, where else will you find that, let alone in Winchester? Of course, as mentioned, only the Guardian system also has the backing of local building controls.
  • A quality job that doesn’t take forever. We follow a detailed step-by-step installation process, which is partly why we can confidently back our work with that 40 year guarantee. The old roof is removed, a new roof frame installed and on to this goes the insulation and new tiled roof. But there is no messing around; typically it takes just three days to have the old roof out and new one in.

The main reason though is simply that a solid tiled roof turns your conservatory into the room you thought it would be.

We would welcome your call today on 023 92780020 so we can discuss your needs and answer any queries you might have about the Guardian system.

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