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Replacement Conservatory Roof Petersfield

Simply put, a replacement conservatory roof is the most efficient way of converting your conservatory into a permanently useable room.

Here at Guardian, we have designed a lightweight but solid replacement conservatory roof that can be tailored specifically to your home. Choose our market-leading Guardian Warm Roof, and you will see great return on your investment in a number of ways.

First, having a tiled roof with a smart internal finish will markedly improve the aesthetic of your home and likely raise the value of your Petersfield property.

Next, exchanging the old glass or polycarbonate with an insulated replacement will ensure that the temperature is easier to regulate. Less energy will be spent on heating, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills. The work may just pay for itself in the long run.

And as a result, your conservatory – arguably the worst room in the house for the majority of the year ­­– will be transformed into one of the most enjoyable, all year round.

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replacement conservatory roof Petersfield


Replacement Conservatory Roof Petersfield – The Advantages

Conservatories seem like a wonderful idea at first. A sun room! A space to look upon nature! Until they’re not. Winter hits and the sun room turns into an ice box. It’s raining, and you can’t hear the sound of your own thoughts. The sun at last shows its face in summertime, and wham! You’re in an oven wondering why you subjected yourself to feeling like a Sunday roast.

What if we told you that a replacement conservatory roof was the solution to transforming your conservatory into what it was always meant to be? A comfortable, peaceful space to be used for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Let us tell you how.

The three layers of high performance insulation in a Guardian Warm Roof ensure that internal temperatures remain stable throughout the year. The room will become more energy efficient, meaning that you no longer have to dress for the weather just to sit in your own home. This also means that you will save on energy costs as well as making your Petersfield residence more environmentally friendly.

Embedded ventilation in the roof will mean less condensation and a lower risk of mould. The only vegetation encroaching on the space will be the pot-plants you place there.

At Guardian, we offer a range of styles in internal finishes, roofing tiles or slates, and sky lighting. Your replacement conservatory roof can be tailored to complement the existing design of your home, making it more attractive, and the conservatory less conspicuous. Take a look at our range of styles here.

The conservatory becomes just like any other room in the house, except the original windows, walls, doors and frames will be retained, and you will still have that wonderful view into the Petersfield outdoors.


Why You Should Choose Guardian Roofs Petersfield

 Go with Guardian and set your mind at ease. We were the first in the industry to be LABC and LABSS approved; you can be sure that we comply with all current building regulations in Petersfield and across the UK.

If that is not enough for your peace of mind, we offer a ten year fully backed guarantee on each replacement conservatory roof, and the structure is tested under controlled factory conditions prior to on-site installation.

During the installation process there will be minimum disruption to your home. Our skilled team of installers can fit your Guardian roof in just three days.

Take a look at our customer reviews.

Browse the site to get a better feel for what we offer, and please download our brochure to see the full benefits that a replacement conservatory roof could have for your home.

For a free, no-obligation quote, we hope to hear from you either online, or by phone 023 92780020.

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