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Getting a replacement conservatory roof for your Lyndhurst home is a good decision whichever way you look at it.

Especially if the replacement roof is a Guardian Warm Roof.

Why? You will have an energy efficient roof that makes your extension habitable all year round while saving you plenty on your energy bills.

On top of this you will have a beautifully finished conservatory roof that blends in with your Lyndhurst and consequently boosts the value of your property.

Call 023 92780020 or contact us online to find out more how a Guardian replacement conservatory roof will transform your Lyndhurst conservatory from one of the worst to one of the best rooms in the house.

You can also find more information from our full colour brochure.

Replace your Conservatory Roof and Enjoy your Lyndhurst Conservatory ALL Year Round

lyndhurst replacement conservatory roof
BETTER BY DESIGN: A solid conservatory roof replacement

 Regardless of what weather might be thrown your way, you will remain nice and snug your Lyndhurst home with a solid conservatory roof.

You no longer have to abandon your conservatory when winter checks in or when it gets baking hot in summer.

Being an all year round i.e. effectively a new extension for a fraction of extending your home, you can choose how you use this additional space, extend the living room or make a study, the choice will be yours!

Replace your Conservatory Roof and Enjoy Energy Savings

 With a Guardian conservatory roof,  you will get to make great savings in the long run, as well as cutting your carbon emissions.

You stand to save as much as £200 every year on your energy bills due to the increased thermal efficiency of a tiled conservatory over traditional glass of polycarb conservatories.

Unsurprising, then, that tiled conservatories have been hailed as a revolution in home improvement.

See the relevant technical information here

A Conservatory Roof Replacement Adds Style to your Lyndhurst home

Let’s face it. Aesthetics and glass and polycarb conservatories are contradictions in terms.

They simply do not match your roof and resemble some weird glass/polycarb bolt-on

Unlike the usual polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs that stick out like sore thumbs, a tiled conservatory roof replacement will match your Lyndhurst homes’ roof.

This is because we offer great variety in terms of the style of the finish and type, and colour of tiles.

You can give your house some 19th century elegance with a design from our Victorian selection or go for a more space constrained Lean-To roof. You can even have a roof that combines different styles.

Browse our conservatory roof conversion styles here.

Guaranteed Conservatory Roofs

 Every Guardian roof is designed to adhere to the highest standards. They have to be to get full approval from the Local Area Building Control (LABC).

You don’t need to take our word for it; read the reviews given by our past clients. Built to last, our roofs come with a fully-backed 10-year guarantee.

Easy Conservatory Roof  Replacement 


We can convert the conservatory at your Lyndhurst property in a couple of days with minimal disruption to you.

Before you know it, you will have updated your old conservatory into one more becoming of your Lyndhurst home.

Get more details from our brochure or give us a ring on 023 92780020 to transform your conservatory.

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