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Replacement Conservatory Roof Littlehampton

At its most basic, a replacement conservatory roof is the most efficient way for anyone in Littlehampton and beyond to convert their conservatory into a useable room all year round.

The benefits of replacing glass or polycarbonate with a solid conservatory roof are three-fold: it stabilises the internal temperature of your conservatory throughout the year, it is cost-effective, and it looks attractive.

But you’ll find that a Guardian Warm Roof can offer you even more.

We design our lightweight roofs to sit upon the existing windows and frames of your conservatory for minimal upheaval.

We also provide you with a whole range of styles and slating options to suit your home and make the conservatory a cohesive part of the whole aesthetic.

The way that we design our roofs, with in-built insulation and ventilation, is not only market-leading, but creates a comfortable and healthy environment that will leave you with no stress, and could improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Replacement Conservatory Roof Littlehampton – What You Need to Know

An All Year Room – Where your conservatory now fluctuates between sweltering and sub-zero temperatures depending on the season, with a replacement conservatory roof, temperature regulation is made easy. Sun glare will also be reduced, and rain will not sound like a herd of elephants dancing on your roof. You can sit in your conservatory and be at peace in the knowledge you can stay there as long as you like, even if the Littlehampton weather changes five minutes later. The conservatory will become one of the best rooms in the house; a peaceful sun-room with endless potential.

Save Money – Guardian roofs are lined with three layers of high performance insulation which trap heat in winter, and keep heat out in summer. The reduced use of heating and air conditioning will see a return on your investment through the money you save on energy bills. Plus, if you one day want to sell your house, the benefits added by conservatory roof replacement could up the market value.

Reduced Humidity – Ventilation is an integral part of a Guardian Warm Roof. Making the roof breathable reduces the amount of condensation that builds up inside the conservatory. This eliminates the growth of mould and ensures that your conservatory is a safe and healthy environment for your household.

 Improved Appearance – With one of our sleek modern or classic roof styles, your conspicuous conservatory will blend into the rest of the house, making it look like a stylish extension. We offer a variety of slates and roof tiles, as well as internal finishes and sky-lighting. We guarantee that there’ll be something just right for you. Take a look at our range of styles here.


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Why Guardian Roofs Littlehampton Is the Best

We cannot vouch for our competitors, but we are confident in the quality of our product, and proud of the customer service that we offer. Take a look at our customer reviews here.

Removing, recycling and replacing your conservatory roof will take our skilled team only three days, and will be as unobtrusive to your lives as possible. The roof will be tested in factory conditions prior to assembly to ensure that it is structurally sound.

Guardian’s market-leading roofs were the pioneer product that changed building legislation to allow solid conservatory roof replacement. With our lightweight structures, we were the first in the industry to be LABC and LABSS approved in Littlehampton and across the UK.

For your peace of mind, we also offer our customers a ten year, comprehensive insurance guarantee.

Go with Guardian for a professional and stress free experience in home renovation.

There is a wealth of information on the site, so take a look around, or alternatively download our brochure to see the full benefits that a replacement conservatory roof could have for your home.

For a free, no-obligation quote, we would be delighted to hear from you either online, or by phone 023 92780020.

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