Replacement Conservatory Roof Haywards Heath

With a replacement conservatory roof on your Haywards Heath home, you will transform the room into what it always should have been – a great space whatever the weather outside. 

However, turning an unloved space into a great room is just one of the three main benefits of getting a replacement conservatory roof in Haywards Heath.

Upgrading your roof can also make financial sense – with both short term energy bill savings and also long-term value added to the property.

And, the roofs also look great, coming in a range of styles and subtle colours – no longer will your conservatory look like a bolt-on to the rest of the house.Replacement Conservatory Roof Haywards Heath

Or we should say those advantages exist if you choose the right roof; only the Guardian Warm Roof has full regulatory backing and full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

CountryView offers hassle-free installation of a replacement conservatory roof on your Haywards Heath abode.

Request a free quote via email or call us on 023 92780020 to talk to our knowledgeable agents about a replacement for your conservatory roof.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Haywards Heath – Why a Guardian Warm Roof?

A key advantage of going with a Guardian roof from CountryView is the range of styling options available.

Whether it is Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable or another style, we can match the flow of the rest of your property and the roofs also come in a range of subtle colours and shades.

You can see the range here.

Energy efficiency

With a Guardian Warm roof as the replacement conservatory roof of your Haywards Heath home, you stand to make savings every year on your energy bills.

What do you think of having an extra £200 at the end of the year (the estimated average savings according to independent research by AECOM)? This is down to the high performance insulation this roof is designed with. You can get more detailed information about the materials used to achieve this here.

All-year comfort

You can now enjoy your conservatory at any time of the year. The Guardian Warm roof effectively keeps hot air out during summer and retains warmth during winter, ensuring inhabitants are comfortable regardless of season.

Range of styles

How about a rustic Edwardian conservatory with gorgeous roof windows? Or a contemporary Victorian roof which is the perfect complement for the rest of your house?

There are a number of styling options available with a tiled Guardian roof. We can even do a lovely shingle roof over your conservatory. Check out our picture gallery if you need some inspiration.

Easy installation

Getting a Guardian replacement conservatory roof over your Haywards Heath property is a quick and easy process that will take just a few days. You will not need to go seeking LABC approval as all Guardian roofs come with full approval.

Download our free brochure or request a free quote from our website or give us a call on 023 92780020 to get started on your new conservatory roof.

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