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Replacement Conservatory Roof Fordingbridge

If you are a resident of Fordingbridge looking for your next home improvement project, why not consider a replacement conservatory roof?

Many people resort to using conservatories as storage spaces because they are just not fit for purpose. You can kit out the space with some really nice seating and end up never using it. This is because the glass and polycarbonate roofing on a regular conservatory does nothing to protect the inside from the elements other than keep out the rain.

Sun glare is a major problem, with conservatories growing intolerably hot and bright in summer, and freezing cold in winter. Condensation easily builds up in humid weather, while the sound of falling rain could substitute the base line for a heavy metal rave.

Replacement conservatory roofs are a simple solution to these problems, fitting a new roof to the existing conservatory structure. Country View offers the Guardian Warm Roof as a lightweight but solid system to turn your Fordingbridge conservatory into useful space.

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What a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Fordingbridge Can Do for You

Useable Space All Year Round

The design of the Guardian Warm Roof has been fine tuned to include three layers of high performance insulation plus a breathable membrane. This will make it easy to control the temperature inside your conservatory, making the space comfortable throughout the year. The room will become as valuable as any other in the house; able to be used as an office, a playroom, a dining room, and much more.

With in-built ventilation, the humidity of your conservatory can also be regulated, reducing mould growth and creating a healthy environment. The solid roofing will mean that sun glare is reduced and the sound of rainfall hardly noticeable.


A Stylish Extension

One of the great things about replacement conservatory roofing is that it provides a proper ceiling inside the conservatory. A Guardian Warm Roof will offer you a choice of skylights and electric lighting that will transform the conservatory interior into something resembling a smart extension rather than a glass add-on.

With our range of tiling options and roof styles, your conservatory will blend seamlessly into the aesthetic that defines the rest of your Fordingbridge property. Peruse your options here.


Work that Pays for Itself

An insulated roof will vastly improve the energy efficiency of your household. According to AECOM, you can save around £200 a year on energy bills by simply insulating your conservatory roof. In time, you will see big returns on your investment. It is also likely that the improvements you make to your home by choosing a replacement conservatory roof will raise its value on the Fordingbridge property market.


Guardian Roofs, Fordingbridge

If you’re looking for a quality roof and quality service, Team Guardian can offer it all.

The Guardian Warm Roof was the first replacement conservatory roof in the UK that was lightweight enough to gain full LABC and LABSS approval. This means that we have been the market leader since 2010 and our roofs meet all Fordingbridge building regulations.

Installation of your new Guardian Warm Roof can be carried out over a period of just three days. Our skilled technicians can remove, replace and recycle the old glass or polycarb and be out of your hair that quickly. Our technicians are there to answer any questions you may have and will be as unobtrusive as possible.

If you are still uncertain, know that each Guardian Warm Roof comes with a ten year comprehensive guarantee, and your replacement conservatory roof will be tested under controlled factory conditions prior to being fitted in your Fordingbridge home.

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