Replacement Conservatory Roof Fareham

Transform your Fareham home with a replacement conservatory roof and enjoy your conservatory all-year around.

conservatory roof replacement
BLENDING IN: Your Fareham conservatory can actually match your home with a tiled conservatory roof

By adding a tiled conservatory roof, you’re effectively gaining an extension for a fraction of the cost.

And due to the vastly superior insulation of a solid roofed conservatory, you can use it throughout the year even when the weather is extreme in summer or winter.

The energy efficiency of your replacement conservatory roof will see you spend much less on heating or cooling your Fareham home. Your house’s value also stands to rise with the standout Guardian roofing tiles adorning its conservatory, as it makes your home look infinitely more aesthetically pleasing.

These reviews from previous customers will help you see the possibilities these roofs present.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Fareham: Key Benefits

Here are more details of the benefits you can expect from a replacement conservatory roof for your Fareham residence.

Improved Appearance

Choose your desired conservatory roof  style from our range plus you can choose tile finishes to ensure your conservatory roof conversion matches your existing roof tiles. These finishes and styles will blend in seamlessly with the theme of your house instead of creating the stark contrast of glass and polycarb conservatory roofs next to tiled ones

Length of service

A replacement conservatory roof from Guardian comes guaranteed for your peace of mind. Every Guardian warm roof installed by CountryView comes with a 10-year, fully backed guarantee.

Energy efficiency

Another way a conservatory replacement roof will save you money at your Fareham home is by lowering your energy bills over time. Thanks to the technologically advanced insulation system in the Guardian warm roof, you will need less energy to heat or cool your conservatory in summer or winter. Here’s some technical information on how this is achieved.

Easy installation

Tiled Guardian roofs are easy to install; in just a few days the installers will be out of your hair. You also don’t need to think about getting approval from the LABC as every Guardian roof comes fully approved.

Talk to us today on 023 92780020 to begin the transformation of your Fareham abode with a Guardian replacement conservatory roof.



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