Replacement Conservatory Roof Eastbourne

Replacement Conservatory Roof Eastbourne

A replacement conservatory roof in Eastbourne is one change which will make a huge difference – especially to your enjoyment of summer.

When you choose a Guardian solid, tiled replacement roof you get a conservatory which is transformed, one which is the perfect place to enjoy the glorious Eastbourne climate.

Our roofs make the conservatory usable all year round, but they also have other benefits too.

The fact that our roofs are tiled means they come in a range of styles ensuring there is one to blend in with the rest of your property.

And upgrading to Guardian as your replacement conservatory roof in Eastbourne also makes financial sense – both in the short term and long.

On this site there is a wealth of information, and to help you make an informed decision we have included links to key pages below.

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If you want a quick estimate as to the likely cost of the work you can also fill in the quick quote form on this site and we will respond as soon as possible.

 Admittedly, there is a lot of information contained in the pages linked to above, especially the brochure which is a great reference tool.

But if you just want the headlines, what are the main reasons people choose Guardian for their replacement conservatory roof in Eastbourne and why do we have so many satisfied customers?

The main reason is that we deliver on that key promise – our roof improves your conservatory. Our roofs make the conservatory usable all year round, so no longer is it a no-go zone when the sun shines.

Hassle free!

Customers also appreciate the quality of our work and that it is stress free. Guardian replacement conservatory roofs have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval in Eastbourne and beyond.

The work also typically only takes three days from start to finish and is carried out by experienced, courteous installers.

The look of the roof is also a clear improvement. Glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs don’t exactly blend in with the rest of the property, however our tiled roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colours. This helps effectively turn the conservatory into a sympathetic extension.

Financial sense

And homeowners love the fact that our roofs save you money on the energy bill. Because of their efficiency, the boiler can be used much less in winter leading to savings of up to £200 a year based on findings by AECOM.

Longer term, if you look to sell the work tends to pay for itself and often more. In the Eastbourne housing market, our replacement conservatory roofs are a strong selling point, after all they turn a flawed conservatory into a sympathetic extension.

There is a lot of information on this page and around the site in general. Please have a browse, maybe have a look at the brochure and check out the styles.

And please get in touch – either visit this page or call 023 92780020.


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