Replacement Conservatory Roof Dorking – Full Regulatory Approval

Make your conservatory a joy to spend time in all year by getting a replacement roof in Dorking from Guardian.

These specially designed roofs are made to effectively regulate temperatures in a room regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. 

In addition to year-round comfort, Guardian roofs offer homeowners stunning aesthetics, adding to the curb appeal of their property. There is a variety of tiled finishes to choose from.Replacement Conservatory Roof Dorking

Installation of a replacement conservatory roof from Guardian in Dorking is a breeze. As certified installers, we will get the job done in three days and you won’t have to worry about chasing regulatory approvals.

Give us a ring on 023 927 80020 to begin the transformation of your conservatory.

Alternatively jump right in by giving us the dimensions of your room and requesting a free quote. 

Replacement Conservatory Roofs –  Styles in Dorking

You can easily add to the beauty of your Dorking residence with a replacement conservatory roof from Guardian.

In our range of tiled finishes you are sure to find one that matches the theme of your house. You can go for an elegant Victorian design or keep things traditional with an Edwardian alternative, other styles are available too. Either way you will do much better than the usual glass or polycarb conservatory roofs.

The change of style, coupled with making the room useable turns an unloved space into one that can be a home office, a second lounge, a games room or have any other use.

Habitable all year

With a replacement Guardian roof, you won’t have to give up spending time in your Dorking conservatory when summer heats things up.

The thermal efficiency built into these innovative roofs means the room remains cosy even when the weather swings to either extreme.

This is thanks to the multiple layers of insulation built into the roof structure. For this reason some homeowners have converted their conservatory into an extension of their living room or home office.

Value for money

A Guardian replacement conservatory roof offers homeowners in Dorking value for money in more ways than one.

First are the considerable savings they will enjoy on their energy bills as they run their boilers and air-conditioning less. The added curb appeal of their property will also see it fetch a better price when put on the market.

Fully compliant

All Guardian roofs come with full LABC approval and comply with set thermal regulations on U value. The U Value of the Guardian Roof is 0.18 – this the best of any roof of this style.

Ask for a quick free quote today or call us on 023 927 80020 to find out more about the merits of the Guardian Warm Roof.

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