Replacement Conservatory Roof Compton

Having a Compton conservatory could be a joy with a replacement conservatory roof.

Replacing the glass or polycarbonate roofing on your conservatory could transform the space into everything you want it to be.

You don’t need to knock it down and build an extension with sliding glass doors. Your conservatory is already sat there waiting to be optimised.

A replacement conservatory roof is a solid, tiled roof that can prevent your conservatory from becoming too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The Guardian Warm Roof from Country View is one such cost-effective roof.

Investing in a replacement conservatory roof could expand the potential of the space in several miraculous ways.

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Guardian roof gallery 042
Guardian roof gallery 042

Why Bother With Conservatory Roof Replacement in Compton?

Compton is a lovely, seasonal village. It enjoys plentiful rainfall, sunshine in the summer, and in winter, pretty frost patterns fog up the windows.

Unfortunately, conservatories weren’t built with this in mind. If it’s sunny, the sun glare from the glass causes a headache. If it’s raining, you can’t hear yourself think. If it’s cold…well. You’ll need to wear all your layers indoors.

A replacement conservatory roof fixes these problems in three ways:


A Guardian Warm Roof is made from layers of insulation and breathable membrane, which stabilises internal temperatures, eliminates condensation and dulls the sound of rainfall. Sun glare is prevented by the fact the sun can no longer shine directly through the roof.

Your conservatory will suddenly be transformed into a comfortable room! What’s more, it will also be an attractive room…


Being a solid roof, your replacement conservatory roof can be designed to suit your Compton home. You can choose the colour of the lightweight roofing tiles, the shape of the design and the finish of the internal ceiling. Your conservatory will look like an attractive new extension for a fraction of the price! Check out our style guide.

Financial Savings

Due to your conservatory now being insulated, you won’t have to use as much heating or air conditioning to keep internal temperatures bearable. This can save you up to £200 a year according to some estimates. The work will eventually pay for itself!

It may even be that, should you ever come to sell, your house will have a higher value on the Compton housing market.

About Guardian Conservatory Roof Replacement, Compton

Guardian has been working in West Sussex and the Compton area since our roofs first broke onto the market. The Guardian Warm Roof from Country View was one of the first of its kind to achieve full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval in the UK, including LABSS in Scotland. As such, you can be assured that we pass all building regulations in the Compton parish.

Our technology has developed with the times, ensuring that we are always at the very forefront of advances in conservatory roof replacement.

We construct our replacement roofs under factory settings to test their structural integrity before applying them to your home.

If you still have concerns, we provide a ten-year comprehensive insurance guarantee for your peace of mind.

We have fine-tuned our service so that our skilled technicians can remove, recycle and replace your old conservatory roof in just three days!

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