Replacement Conservatory Roof Cobham

A stylish replacement conservatory roof on your Cobham property can radically transform its appearance and bump up its value.

With a Guardian Warm Roof your conservatory will be a joy to spend time in throughout the year, not just on the mild days – no longer will it be a virtual sauna in the summer or freezing in winter.

The high-performance insulation not only guarantees your comfort, it will help you save plenty of money on your energy bills. Oh, the roofs look great too.

Guardian ensures the installation of your replacement conservatory roof in Cobham is stress-free. Our roofs all have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval, no other similar replacement conservatory roof can say this.

Installation itself is quick and easy, typically taking three days, but once in place, the roof will last for many years.

Call us today on 023 92780020 to get more information about the different ways a Guardian replacement conservatory roof can benefit your Cobham home. Feel free to directly ask for a free quote if you would like to proceed with your roofing project.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Cobham – Year-round comfort

Spending time in your conservatory whenever you want is now possible thanks to the Guardian Warm Roof. Designed to effectively keep the warm air in during winter and the hot air out during summer, this roof makes the conservatory habitable any time of year.replacement conservatory roof Cobham

The Guardian Roof is the reason regulations were changed. Until 2010, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarb roof, essentially a pointless choice with neither fit for purpose.

The Guardian replacement conservatory roof was developed as an alternative and, with the benefits proven, regulations were duly changed in 2010 – now residents in Cobham and the UK over can have a conservatory they can actually enjoy.

Massive savings

The thermal efficiency of the Guardian replacement conservatory roof means you will spend less on your Cobham home’s energy bills. An independent survey by AECOM found that typically savings come to around £200 per year and, with energy prices only going one way, these savings could grow further still.

Choose your style

A Guardian conservatory roof allows you to pick a style based on your needs and the prevailing theme of your house. You can have your tiled roof in a classy Edwardian design that makes optimal use of the room below.replacement conservatory roof Cobham

Alternatively, you might want a Victorian design that harks back to the 19th century- a far cry from the drab conventional glass and polycarb structures.

There is a style and subtle colour to match every type of property and we can even make something truly bespoke. No longer need your conservatory look like a glass bolt-on, instead it becomes a sympathetic extension.

Quick, stress-free installation

We at CountryView assure you that our expert installers will have the new roof will be in place in three days. With all Guardian roofs fully LABC-approved, you also won’t have the headache of seeking regulatory approval.

Ask for a free quote today and begin the process of upgrading your conservatory. Or get more information by downloading our free brochure.

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