Replacement Conservatory Roof Brighton

Replacement Conservatory Roof Brighton

Looking for a replacement conservatory roof – Brighton homeowners have you considered a Guardian Roof?

We can imagine the problem you currently have. A conservatory that looks decent enough, sounds like it should be an asset to the house but is actually just a disappointment. Too hot in the summer and then too cold in winter, well unless you want the heating on almost 24/7. Often the conservatory ends up being little more than expensive storage.

But of course you don’t need us to tell you this, after all you put in the search for “replacement conservatory roof Brighton”. What we can tell you is that a Guardian Roof can turn your conservatory into the room you imagined it would be. Call us today on 023 9278 0020 to discuss our great range and how they can transform the room.

The main reason people want a replacement conservatory roof, especially in Brighton given the superb climate, is to get a room that’s enjoyable to use all year round. The best option to achieve this is to switch to a solid, tiled roof – but don’t worry it’s not as big job as it sounds. In fact, it often takes just three days to remove the old roof and install the new, with it using the existing structure of the conservatory.

Why though if a solid, tiled replacement roof is so beneficial are they not more common on conservatories? Why does the ill-suited glass or polycarbonate persist? It’s a fair question and the reason is old legislation.

Up until 2010, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarb roof, only since then has legislation changed to allow solid, tiled replacement roofs. In effect though that means a Guardian roof as Guardian have full local area building control (LABC) approval.

Replacement Conservatory Roof  – by with confidence in Brighton


Only with Guardian can you go for a roof of this nature with complete confidence. The approval is proof that councils are delighted with the quality of work, the strenuous testing that the Guardian system has been subjected to, proving it performs as well as described.

And the benefits of a Guardian conservatory roof replacement in Brighton extend beyond getting a usable room. They also look great. The system comes in a range of styles from lean-to to gable to Victorian and more, and all in a range of colours. In short, rather than a conservatory looking like a glass, and dare we say it dated, glass bolt-on it looks like a sympathetic extension.

This sort of replacement conservatory roof also brings financial benefits, especially in a sought-after town such as Brighton. There are savings on the annual heating bill thanks to a U-value of 0.16, and there can also be long-term financial benefits. Often the work pays for itself when it comes to selling the house, sometimes even exceeding that.

Whether thinking of moving or not, you have the certainty of a long-term guarantee, something we can offer with complete confidence thanks to the quality of the Guardian roof.

When choosing a replacement conservatory roof for your Brighton home, there is only one option that truly makes the room usable – with the added benefit of making the house look better and potentially increasing value!

Please take a good look round the site, read the testimonials, check out the galleries and technical information. And please give us a call on 023 9278 0020 so we can chat about how we can help you.

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