Replacement Conservatory Roof Bournemouth

Replacement Conservatory Roof Bournemouth

Is this year going to be the one when you finally get the most from your conservatory – a  replacement conservatory roof in Bournemouth can turn a wasted space into a great room.

Conservatories are often a great idea, but ultimately disappointing. The reason is the roof, be it glass or polycarbonate, which is simply not up to the job.

When the sun shines, and it shines a lot in Bournemouth!, they are unable to keep the temperature within a pleasant range, conservatories often being more like a sauna that an enjoyable space in which to unwind.

A replacement conservatory roof rectifies this problem.

At Country View, we serve the south, providing replacement conservatory roofs to Bournemouth and beyond. We use the Guardian Warm Roof, a solid, tiled replacement roof which is a genuine game changer in home improvements.

These roofs make the conservatory usable, they look great, the work only takes a few days and the change makes financial sense.


To find out more about Country View and the Guardian roof, call us on 023 92780020.

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Guardian Replacement Conservatory Roofs in Bournemouth – Key Information

The Key Benefit

There are a number of benefits, but the key one has to be that a Guardian Warm Roof makes your Bournemouth conservatory usable. Hallelujah – you can go into the conservatory and enjoy it, not just use it as extra storage.

Glass and polycarb are simply unfit for purpose, yet up until 2010 they were the only option for conservatory roofs.

It was thanks to Guardian’s work in producing and proving the value of their solid, tiled roofs that regulations were changed and so now homeowners in Bournemouth and beyond can enjoy a replacement conservatory roof which makes a real difference.

Make the switch and your conservatory can be a great space to enjoy those summer months, perhaps with a good book and glass of wine to hand.

Don’t just take our word for it –  see what some of our customers have said.

A Roof which looks great

Let’s be honest, most conservatories look like a bolt-on to the rest of the property, the glass doesn’t exactly blend in.

With Guardian from Country View tough you can choose from a range of styles, all in a choice of subtle colours. Whether it is Gable, lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian or another, we can match the replacement conservatory roof to your Bournemouth property. You can see the full range of styles here.

Financial Benefits

Make the change and there are also financial benefits in both the short term and long.

Each and every year you will save money on your energy bills, this is because the conservatory will be so much easier to heat in the cooler months. Research by the independent AECOM put the savings at around £200 per year on a typical property – and with energy prices only going one way these savings could grow further still.

Longer term, if you ever look to sell, the work often pays for itself and perhaps more. That is because buyers are getting what is now effectively a sympathetic extension rather than flawed conservatory. In a housing market such as Bournemouth’s these replacement conservatory roofs are an upgrade clued-up buyers are willing to pay for.

Next steps

We know that there are other companies offering conservatory roofs, although it is worth noting that only the Guardian Roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval as a tiled, replacement roof.

With Country View and Guardian you can buy with complete peace of mind, while the work typically only takes three days.


Please download the online brochure, have a look round the site and give us a call on 023 927 80020 for more information or an obligation-free quote.

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