Replacement Conservatory Roof Blackfield

Blackfield is supplied by one of the UK’s leading replacement conservatory roof manufacturers, Guardian Roofs Southern.

A tailor-made Guardian Warm Roof is designed to transform your conservatory into a space that your household can use every day.

This solid, tiled construction will stabilise temperatures inside your conservatory, reducing the need for heating and upgrading your home.

Read on to learn more, or see our brochure for more information on all the benefits a replacement conservatory roof could have for you.

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Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement, Blackfield

A Guardian Warm Roof is constructed with layers of insulation and breathable membrane, finished with lightweight tiles on the exterior and an internal plaster ceiling.

The overall effect gives your conservatory the feel of a proper extension, or a substantial room of the house.

The improved heat retention provided by the insulation will allow you to regulate the temperature of the space throughout the year. With less need for heating, your carbon footprint will be lowered and you will spend less on your energy bills.

Likewise, the semi-permeable membrane eliminates condensation. Your conservatory will become a space that you want to spend time in, rather than using it for extra storage.

You will have the freedom to choose every design aspect of your replacement conservatory roof, from the shape of the structure to the colour of the roofing tiles. See our gallery to get ideas for your Blackfield home.

Many of our clients have experienced a rise in the value of their property after installing a Guardian Warm Roof, thanks to the improvements that a replacement conservatory roof bestows.

Guardian Replacement Conservatory Roofs, Blackfield

Guardian roofs have been at the forefront of conservatory roof replacement since lightweight roofs first passed building safety regulations for conservatories.

We have refined our design and installation process to ensure that our clients receive a quality, tailored product in record time.

It takes just three days for our skilled technicians to install your new conservatory roof. All Guardian Warm Roofs are tested under factory conditions and come with a 10 year insurance guarantee.

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Contact us online or call 023 92780020 to enquire about conservatory roof replacement in Blackfield.

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