Replacement Conservatory Roof Bishop’s Waltham

If you are homeowners with a conservatory in Bishop’s Waltham and are looking for ways to improve your home, consider a replacement conservatory roof.

Traditional conservatories are fitted with glass or polycarbonate roofing which does nothing to insulate the space inside. For this reason, conservatories are prone to extreme fluctuations in temperature depending on the season of the year.

In the dead of winter and the height of summer – for half the year – conservatories are practically unusable.

With an insulated, solid replacement conservatory roof, the temperature inside your conservatory can be regulated. The conservatory becomes just like any other room in the house, while retaining its view to the great outdoors.

We offer the Guardian Warm Roof as a lightweight and insulated system that can fit onto the existing frames and windows of your conservatory.

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Replacement Conservatory Roof Bishop’s Waltham – What You Need to Know

An All Year Room

Perhaps your conservatory currently fluctuates between sweltering and sub-zero temperatures depending on the season; with a replacement conservatory roof, temperature regulation is made easy.  Sun glare will also be reduced, and the sound of rainfall will be dampened.

You can sit in your conservatory and be at peace in the knowledge you can stay there as long as you like, even if the weather over Bishop’s Waltham changes five minutes later. The conservatory will become one of the best rooms in the house; a peaceful sun-room with endless potential.

Save Money

Guardian roofs are lined with three layers of high performance insulation, which trap heat in winter and keep heat out in summer. The reduced use of heating and air conditioning will see a return on your investment through the money you save on energy bills. Plus, if you one day want to sell your Bishop’s Waltham property, the benefits added by conservatory roof replacement could up the market value.

Reduce Humidity

Ventilation is an integral part of a Guardian Warm Roof. Making the roof breathable reduces the amount of condensation that builds up inside the conservatory. This eliminates the growth of mould and ensures that your conservatory is a safe and healthy environment for your household in Bishop’s Waltham.

Improve Appearance

With one of our sleek modern or classic roof styles, your conspicuous conservatory will blend into the rest of the house, making it look like an attractive extension. We offer a variety of lightweight slates and roofing tiles, as well as internal ceiling finishes and lighting. We guarantee that there’ll be something for you. See our range of styles here.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Guardian Roofs Bishop’s Waltham

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business, and that is not a boast. It was Guardian’s market-leading roofs that changed building legislation to allow solid conservatory roof replacement. With our lightweight structures, we were the first in the industry to be LABC and LABSS approved in Bishop’s Waltham and across the UK.

Yet we also take pride in our integrity. Should you choose Guardian, we will offer you a ten year fully backed guarantee, and your replacement conservatory roof will be tested under controlled factory conditions prior to on-site installation.

Installation itself only takes three days to complete. Our qualified technicians will remove, replace and recycle your old roof, while ensuring minimum disruption to your home.

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