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Replacement Conservatory Roof Arundel

A replacement conservatory roof is a simple change that will make a big difference to your Arundel home. Make your conservatory your next home renovation and turn wasted space into a favourite family room.

Despite the wonderful concept, conservatories are unfortunately not as glamorous as they first seem, but you must know that if you are visiting this site. Then again, perhaps we expect too much of something made almost entirely of glass or polycarbonate.

What a replacement conservatory roof does, is place a solid, breathable, insulated surface between you and the great outdoors, ensuring that heat does not escape like water through a sieve; condensation does fog up your windows; and the sun no longer makes you feel like an ant beneath a magnifying glass.

A Guardian Warm Roof can make your conservatory into the comfortable and inviting space that it was destined to be, whatever the weather in Arundel. More than that, however, a Guardian roof can save you money on your energy bills and greatly improve the look of your property.

It is hard to believe that something as straightforward as replacing your conservatory roof could benefit you in so many ways, but if you read ahead, you will discover that it can.

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Replacement Conservatory Roof in Arundel


Replacement Conservatory Roof Arundel – The Benefits

A Useable Room – With a replacement conservatory roof, you no longer have to worry about the seasonal weather in Arundel interfering with your ‘me’ time, when you curl up in your conservatory to read and be at peace in your own home. You can use the space whenever you want, for whatever you want, and be comfortable while you do it.

With in-built insulation and ventilation, the temperature and humidity of your conservatory can be regulated year-round. Sun glare will be reduced, mould eliminated, and the sound of rainfall hardly noticeable.

A Stylish Extension – An all-glass bolt-on is neither the most attractive, nor indeed private, addition to a home. With a replacement conservatory roof, you can still retain those lovely light-filtering windows with a fantastic view outside, but nosy Arundel neighbours across the way will no longer be able to look down into your property.

Instead, they will see a quality roof, tiled to blend in with the rest of the house. Make them envious with your sophisticated choice which could even up the market value of the house should you ever come to sell.

Guardian provides both standard and bespoke conservatory roof designs, tailored to incorporate the existing frames and windows. We also offer a range of colours in roof tiles and slates, and a selection of internal finishes, ensuring that you will be able to find the perfect style for your home. Take a look at the choices here.

Work that Pays for Itself – With increased energy efficiency from improved roof insulation, you could save up to £200 a year according to AECOM. Over time, the money saved from energy bills could pay for the initial installation. Plus, there is the added benefit of your house being more marketable with an attractive conservatory roof.


Guaranteed Satisfaction with Guardian Roofs Arundel

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business, and that is not a boast. It was Guardian’s market-leading roofs that changed building legislation to allow solid conservatory roof replacement. With our lightweight structures, we were the first in the industry to be LABC and LABSS approved in Arundel and across the UK.

Yet we also take pride in our integrity. Should you choose Guardian, we will offer you a ten year fully backed guarantee, and your replacement conservatory roof will be tested under controlled factory conditions prior to on-site installation. And the installation itself only takes three days to complete, ensuring minimum disruption to your home.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our customer reviews.

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