Replacement Conservatory Roof Aldershot

Replacement Conservatory Roof Aldershot

Is your conservatory a disappointment – a replacement conservatory roof in Aldershot can transform the space, turning it into a room to be enjoyed all year round.

The Guardian Warm Roof, available as a replacement conservatory roof in Aldershot through Country View, is the market leading product.

No other solid, tiled replacement roof has full Local Area Building Control approval, no other replacement roof comes in a range of styles and colours to ensure it blends in sympathetically with any property.

And the Guardian Warm Roof is also the product which delivers on its promise – namely to transform your conservatory into the room it always should have been, the best room in the house come summer. To find out what other past customers have said, visit this page.

Below we have provided some key information and links to help you make an informed decision. But we would also love to hear from you – please call us on 023 92780020 or via contact us online whether it’s with a query or to arrange an obligation free quote.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Aldershot – Key Information

All you need to know – we have an online brochure, which you can download and browse at your leisure. You are also welcome to print it out, or call us on  023 92780020 if you’d like us to send a copy in the post.

Finally – a room to enjoy! We know the problem, when the Sun shines in summer the conservatory is simply too hot to enjoy, while in the winter keeping it warm requires the boiler to be on almost constantly.

The problem is the roof, glass or polycarbonate are simply not up to the job of regulating temperature. A replacement conservatory roof from Country View eradicates this problem, especially important in a town such as Aldershot with its gorgeous summer climate.

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Looking good! With most conservatories you have only two options for the roof – glass or polycarbonate. Neither is a great option. But with a Guardian Warm Roof there is both a range of styles and subtle colours. What this means is that, whatever the style of Aldershot house, there is a replacement conservatory roof to match.

Buy with complete peace of mind. Only the Guardian Warm Roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval as a solid, tiled replacement roof, details available here on the LABC website. Of course, with Country View you also get a length guarantee, safe in the knowledge you are dealing with a company which takes care of both the manufacture and installation of the Guardian Warm Roof.

Save money – Install a Guardian replacement roof and you will enjoy energy bill savings each and every year. This is because of the roof’s far greater thermo efficiency meaning the boiler can be on much less in winter, the independent AECOM estimated savings to be around £200 based on a typical property. With energy prices only going one way, these savings are likely to grow further still.

An upgrade which makes financial sense – As well as the money saved every year, if you ever look to sell you will find the upgrade is likely to have paid for itself and maybe more.

In a buoyant housing market such as Aldershot’s, the Guardian replacement conservatory roof is an upgrade would-be buyers are willing to pay for, from their perspective they are getting a great extension rather than a conservatory with its inherent flaws.

On this site, there is a lot of information. Please take the time to have a look at the pages, including the online brochure. 

And if you need any more information, or to discuss getting an obligation-free quote call us today on 023 92780020


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