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Transform your conservatory into an integral part of your Petersfield home with a Guardian conservatory roof.

The market-leading Guardian Warm Roof is the perfect solution to make your conservatory into a useful room all year round. With our insulated replacement roof, your conservatory will no longer be too hot in summer; too cold in winter, and you will be able to utilize it as you wish, regardless of the Petersfield weather.

Lightweight, and uniquely tailored to fit your conservatory, a Guardian roof is the most economical choice in conservatory renovation. By simply replacing the roof, temperature in your conservatory can be easily regulated, saving on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. But it does not end there. Condensation will be eliminated, sun-glare will no longer be a bother, and rainfall will be softened into a peaceful sound.

Not only will a Guardian Warm Roof transform the ambience of your conservatory, but the aesthetic as well. The roof can be tiled or slated to match the existing look of your home, and a range of internal finishes will make the place look smarter, adding a stylish twist to a perhaps dated structure, even making your property more appealing to the Petersfield housing market.

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Petersfield conservatory roof replacement

Why Guardian Conservatory Roof Replacement?

A Great Room All Year Round – Replacing glass or polycarbonate with tiled roofing gives your conservatory the comfortable, relaxing feel that it was always meant to have. More sheltered from the Petersfield weather, you will truly be free to enjoy and explore your conservatory’s potential throughout the year.

Financial Efficiency – In the long-term, a Guardian Warm Roof will pay for itself. In-built ventilation will eliminate condensation, leading to less chance of mould damage and reduced expenditure on repairs. High performance insulation in the roof will stabilise internal temperatures, reducing the need for heating in winter or air conditioning in summer. Your conservatory will be more environmentally friendly, and you are guaranteed to save money on energy bills. According to AECOM, roofing insulation can save around £200 a year on a typical Petersfield residence.

Improved Looks – Guardian offers a choice of internal finishes, such as plaster, timber or PVC, as well as sky-lighting options, giving the ceiling of your conservatory the sophisticated appearance of any room in your house. We provide both standard and bespoke roof designs, and offer a variety of colours in shingles and slates, guaranteeing that you will be able to find a style suitable for your Petersfield home. See our range of styles here.


Why Guardian Roofs Petersfield?

Rapid Installation – Team Guardian have refined the art of replacement roof installation down to just three days, causing minimal disruption to your home.

Engineered for Quality – A Guardian Warm Roof is designed to meet individual requirements, preserving the original walls, windows, doors and frames or your conservatory, while giving you all the advantages listed above. If you choose Guardian roofs, your replacement roof will be tested under controlled factory conditions prior to installation, ensuring that it is certifiably safe.

Peace of Mind – The Guardian Warm Roof was instrumental in the incorporation of replacement conservatory roofs into building regulations in Petersfield and across the UK. We were the first in the industry to become fully LABC and LABSS approved.

10 Year Guarantee – Each of our Team Guardian members offers a fully backed ten year guarantee.

Home improvements can be a daunting prospect, but at Guardian roofs, we try to make your life as easy as possible. Take a look around our site and by all means compare our product to others on the market to see that we offer the top quality.

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