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Have you discovered the fundamental flaw in your New Alresford conservatory? Are you unable to use the space all year round? Does the heat inside become too intense in summer, or the cold too frigid in winter?

As a solution to these problems, CountryView offers the Guardian Warm Roof; a temperature-regulating replacement conservatory roof.

A Guardian roof is designed to be lightweight enough to sit on your existing conservatory frame, while simultaneously being substantial enough to insulate your New Alresford conservatory.

This can have significant financial benefits; simplifying home renovation and saving you money on energy bills.

Glass or polycarbonate roofing essentially acts as a magnifying glass, making temperatures inside your conservatory unbearable at certain times of year. With a solid and stylish Guardian roof, you will be able to make the most of your conservatory, giving you extra space in your home all year round.

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Why do I need a Guardian Roof in New Alresford?

A conservatory is practically an extension to your New Alresford home, but far less effective. In theory, a conservatory is a wonderful thing to have. It could be a perfect space to look upon the garden and enjoy the sunshine, all from the comfort of indoors.

Unfortunately, conservatories do not work as pleasant sun rooms for one main reason. They are not insulated, and so they are not comfortable. You cannot control the internal temperature as the seasons of the year roll on by, and you are left with wasted space that you mainly use for storage.

But with a replacement conservatory roof like the Guardian Warm Roof, you can use your conservatory like any other room in the house. Need a new office? A dining room? A play room? You already have it! Just make this one simple improvement to your conservatory and you will have your very own sophisticated extension to use as you see fit.


Benefits of a Guardian Roof, New Alresford

Insulation – A Guardian roof system includes layers of high performance insulation and breathable membrane. This regulates internal temperatures, allowing you to control how hot or cold you want the space at different seasons of the year. In winter, heat will no longer escape through the glass roof, saving you money on heating bills. Condensation and sun glare will be eliminated and light rainfall will no longer sound like a monsoon.

Design – Guardian roofs are tiled and finished with an internal ceiling. You are able to choose from a broad selection of design options, tailoring the look of your conservatory to suit your New Alresford property. From the shape of the roof and the colour of the roofing tiles, to the inside lighting and plaster coating, we can draw up a suave roof that will make visitors marvel. See our style guide here.

Return – A Guardian replacement conservatory roof is an investment for your New Alresford home. Over time the work will pay for itself as you save money by using less energy – up to two hundred pounds a year can be saved just by insulating your conservatory. This small home improvement will make you fall in love with your house just that little bit more, but should you ever decide to sell, it is also likely to increase the value of your property on the New Alresford housing market.


Guardian in New Alresford

Guardian has been operating in New Alresford since 2010, when our lightweight roofs became one of the first to pass LABC (England and Wales) and LABSS (Scotland) building regulations.

We tailor every roof to a specific property, adhering to all UK safety regulations. The roofs are rigorously quality tested under factory conditions before they are installed, though we do provide a ten-year warranty.

It takes our qualified technicians just three days to fit your new conservatory roof and take away the old to be recycled. During this time, our team will be courteous and respectful of your privacy.

See our client testimonials.

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