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Guardian Roofs  in Maidenhead delivery three huge benefits – they make any conservatory usable all year round, they make the house more visually appealing and they add value to the property.Guardian Roofs Maidenhead

Guardian Roofs, whether fitted as a replacement conservatory roof or as part of a new build transform a conservatory into what is effectively a superb extension. They make a conservatory a home office, or a games room, or a second lounge – and a room that can be enjoyed whatever the season.

This is because they are designed with advanced insulation to be thermally efficient. No matter what the weather, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your conservatory. 

With a Guardian Warm Roof you can have a conservatory that blends more naturally into the theme of your Maidenhead home. There is a range of tiled roof styles to choose from if you don’t want to go with the conventional glass or polycarb roof. 

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Guardian Roofs Maidenhead – Thermal efficiency

A Guardian roof can save you plenty of money on energy bills in the long run, independent research by AECOM estimating an average saving of £200 per year.

You will not need to run the boiler as much during the cold season and you will need air-conditioning less in summer.

This is thanks to the high performance insulation built into Guardian roofs in Maidenhead. The two layers of insulation board and vapor membrane work to keep warm air out during summer and keep it in during winter. More information on the mechanics of it all is available here.

All-year comfort

Thanks to that thermal efficiency, you can comfortably relax in your conservatory any time of the year. You can therefore create that study or extension of your living room that overlooks the garden from the conservatory. 

Built to last

To add to this comfort will be a fully backed 10-year Guarantee from CountryView, which they offer with all Guardian roofs they install in Maidenhead. This is testament of the confidence the manufacturer has in the quality of their products. 

Quick and easy installation

Approved installers like CountryView will have the new roof up in a few days with minimal interruption to your daily schedule.You will enjoy top-notch customer service every step of the way. You also won’t need to go looking for permits from the Local Area Building Control as Guardian roofs come fully LABC approved.

Call us today on 023 92780020 to get more information about the Guardian roof or send us the specs of the kind of roof you’d like and we’ll respond with a free quote.

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