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Available through leading supplier Country View, the Guardian Warm Roof has major advantages for anyone in Littlehampton looking to make their house a home.

By now you must have realised all the ways in which a conservatory falls short. Instead of the peaceful sun-room that was promised, a conservatory is essentially wasted space at certain times of the year; leaking heat from your house in winter, and being too stifling to use in when the sun’s out.

What if we told you that by simply replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof, your conservatory can be transformed into an entirely new room with endless possibilities?

It’s true!

The added insulation from a Guardian roof will mean that heat is retained in the cool season, and trapped outside in summertime. Temperature regulation will be made easy, saving on energy bills, and you will be able to enjoy the space without worrying about the day’s weather in Littlehampton.

More than that, with solid roofing, your conservatory will blend into the rest of the building. The roof tiling can be made to match that of your house, and the sleek ceiling finish will make you forget that your conservatory is not just an elegant extension with French windows.

You will be able to use your conservatory for whatever you wish, at any point in the year.

Please read on and browse our site to get a feel for everything that Guardian can offer you. Alternatively, download our official brochure for all the information in one place.

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guardian conservatory roof in littlehampton

Why Conservatory Roof Replacement?

Well, there are three main reasons.

A solid conservatory roof will make the internal space more enjoyable all year round. It will soften the sound of rainfall, making your conservatory quieter. It will eliminate condensation and mould growth, making the space healthier. It will stabilise temperatures, meaning that you don’t have to dress for the weather in your own home. You can use it as a dining room; a living room; a game room; the potential is limitless.

You will save money in the long run. The work will essentially pay for itself through what you save on energy bills, and if you ever come to sell. By making these improvements to your conservatory, the market value of your house will increase.

Your conservatory will be more attractive; the envy of your Littlehampton neighbourhood. Instead of a glass box reminiscent of a greenhouse, it will look like a quality extension to your home. We have a range of classic and modern styles for you to choose from at Guardian, and each of our roofs is tailored specifically to individual preference. See our range of styles here.


Why Guardian Roofs Littlehampton?

Quick Turnaround – No need to worry about the upheaval of your household; our skilled professionals can remove, recycle and replace your conservatory roof in just three days.

Guaranteed Quality – Guardian tests the structural integrity of all roofs prior to installation. Our roofs are lightweight, designed to be upheld by the existing conservatory frames and windows. We possess certified Local Area Building Control (LABC), and LABSS approval.

You can be sure that our structures are as safe as houses and comply with all current building regulations in Littlehampton and beyond.

And if you’re still uneasy, know that we offer our customers a ten year, fully backed insurance guarantee for their peace of mind.

Word of mouth is the best recommendation out there – have a look at what previous customers have said here.

Don’t delay, contact us either online , or by phone 023 92780020, and you can be one step closer to that dream conservatory.

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