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CountryView offers the Guardian Warm Roof as a lightweight, tiled alternative to traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofing in Hythe.

A solid replacement conservatory roof like this can have multiple benefits. It insulates the conservatory, meaning that it no longer grows too hot or too cold at different points in the year. It makes the conservatory look more sophisticated. It saves money in the long run by reducing energy bills.

A Guardian Warm Roof is light enough to be supported by the existing conservatory walls, making this a simple home improvement that will optimize the way you use space in your Hythe home.

Read on to learn more about how a Guardian Roof can make your conservatory useable all year round. Alternatively, browse our Brochure for more detail.

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What’s Great About Hythe Guardian Roofs

A Guardian replacement conservatory roof is a simple way to ensure that you are using the space in your Hythe home to its full potential.

Conservatories often end up as wasted space, used for storage because of how frequently they fluctuate in temperature. Condensation means that mould grows and the whole space becomes uncomfortable.

With a Guardian roof, your conservatory will be made liveable and loveable again. The layered insulation and breathable membrane in our roof systems are designed to regulate internal temperatures and eliminate condensation. Sun glare will be reduced and rain will no longer be deafening.

You will be able to use your conservatory in Hythe as if it were a house extension. It will essentially become another room with the potential to be an office; a play room; a dining room; whatever you wish!

Moreover, your conservatory will even look like a professional extension. Guardian Warm Roofs are tiled with lightweight and durable tiles one the outside and finished with a plaster ceiling on the inside. You will be able to tailor the colours, shape and features of your roof to complement your Hythe home. See our style guide here.

One of the greatest benefits of a Guardian roof is its ability to pay for itself over time. You will see a return on your investment by saving up to two hundred pounds a year on energy bills because of the improved insulation. The improvements that a Guardian roof brings to your home may even increase its value on the Hythe housing market.


Guardian in the Hythe Area

Guardian has been operating in Hythe since 2010, when our lightweight roofs became one of the first to pass LABC (England and Wales) and LABSS (Scotland) building regulations. Our model showcased some ground-breaking engineering that proved tiled roofs could be fitted to a conservatory framework.

Guardian Roofs adheres to all safety regulations in the Hythe area and across the UK. We test our roofs under factory conditions before disassembling them and installing them on-site. We provide a ten-year, comprehensive insurance guarantee as a fail-safe.

Every Guardian Roof is tailored to the house it is designed for. No two roofs are ever the same. Your house in Hythe will receive a bespoke replacement conservatory roof, fitted by our skilled technicians in just three days.

Team Guardian runs a professional service that will cause as little disruption to your daily life in Hythe as possible.

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