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A Guardian roof from Country View has the power to completely transform the way you use your Horndean conservatory.

If your conservatory still has glass or polycarbonate roofing, the chances are that you don’t use the space for most of the year.

In summer, the glass makes the temperature inside sweltering, and in winter it is frigid. Your furniture may start to feel damp and grow mould due to condensation.

But how to fix these problems?

With a replacement conservatory roof like the Guardian Warm Roof.

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Guardian roof gallery 061
Guardian roof gallery 061

Guardian Roofs, Horndean – Use Your Conservatory Year Round

How does a Guardian roof stabilise internal temperatures?

The Guardian Warm Roof is so named because of its use of insulation. Guardian roofs are constructed with several layers of high-performance insulation.

This enables your conservatory in Horndean to retain heat during the winter months. It also means that your conservatory remains cool in summer.

The solid structure of a replacement conservatory roof means that the sun cannot shine directly in from overhead. Sun glare is reduced, the temperature is regulated and you can read without getting a headache.

How does a Guardian roof stop condensation?

The layers of insulation in a Guardian roof are combined with layers of breathable membrane. This allows moisture to escape from the conservatory. Condensation will no longer build up on the glass, mould will not grow and your furniture will no longer feel damp.

Is a Guardian roof cost effective?

A Guardian roof will pay for itself in the long run. Since heat will no longer leak out of your house via the conservatory, you will no longer need to use as much heating during the harsh Horndean winters. You will save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon foot print. Over time, the savings your recoup will pay for the replacement conservatory roof.

Conservatory roof replacement is a simple home improvement that makes use of the existing conservatory walls and windows. This means that you don’t need to expend as much money knocking down the conservatory or replacing it with an extension.

The improvements that a Guardian roof can make to your Horndean property may even increase its value on the market.

What does a Guardian roof look like?

Being a solid roof, a Guardian Warm Roof is tiled with lightweight tiling in colours to match your house. The internal underside of the roof can be finished with a plaster or PVC ceiling, giving the space the feel of a sophisticated extension rather than a glass box. You can choose to embed electric lighting or skylights into the roof and a range of roof styles is available for you to pick from.

Guardian Roofs, Horndean – The Sensible Choice

Country View’s Guardian Warm Roofs were a pioneering model on the market. They were among the first replacement conservatory roofs to pass UK building regulations.  We proved that it was possible to put a solid roof on a conservatory framework.

Guardian roofs pass all Local Area Building Control (LABC) requirements in Horndean and across the UK. We offer a quality product that is safety tested under strict factory conditions and tailored specifically to your conservatory. We offer a 10 year fully backed insurance guarantee for peace of mind.

Team Guardian can install your replacement conservatory roof in just three days. This involves removing and recycling the old glass or polycarbonate and replacing it with the layered Guaridan roof structure. Our technicians are efficient and courteous, making sure not to intrude on your private space.

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