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Guardian Roof

Guardian Roofs Fordingbridge

A Guardian Roof is a lightweight, tiled replacement roof that can transform your Fordingbridge conservatory into a vital part of your home.

What better room in the house than a light and airy sun room that can be used for anything from a home office to a dining room?

Glass or polycarbonate roofing makes a conservatory uncomfortable at certain times of the year. The space gets sweltering in summer and frigid in winter. There’s condensation, sun glare and loud rainfall.

A Guardian Warm Roof removes these problems that make conservatories less than ideal. A Guardian replacement conservatory roof will make your Fordingbridge conservatory liveable and loveable all year round.

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Guardian Roofs Fordingbridge


Why choose a Fordingbridge Guardian Roof?


A Guardian Warm roof has three layers of high performance insulation and a breathable membrane. Like the roof of your Fordingbridge home, it dampens the sound of rain fall, will retain heat in winter and maintain a cool environment in summer. Whatever the weather outside, it will not affect the interior of your conservatory. Temperature regulation will be easy and you can comfortably use your conservatory any day of the year. The semi-permeable membrane will drastically reduce condensation and prevent mould growth.



Conservatory roof replacement is a simple home improvement that has great rewards. The cost of installing a Guardian Warm Roof can be recouped through the money you will save on energy bills. With the increased insulation, your heating and air conditioning bills will be hundreds of pounds less every year. Over time, the work will pay for itself!

Even better, if you ever decide to sell your Fordingbridge property, a conservatory with a replacement conservatory roof will increase its market value. People are willing to pay more for a house with extra useable space rather than a faulty conservatory.



A Guardian Warm Roof will make your conservatory a point of pride in your house. You will want to seat your guests there with the patio doors open and a summer breeze blowing through, or the doors tightly sealed and lightening providing a show. With the range of designs we have on offer, we can guarantee that there will be a style suited to you and your Fordingbridge residence.

A Guardian Warm Roof comes with a choice of internal ceiling finishes that will leave the space looking smart and tidy. You can choose from a variety of skylights and electrical lighting, giving you the freedom to design how light will enter and affect the space. The lightweight roofing tiles can be matched to the roof of your house. Have a look at what we offer.


More about Guardian Roofs, Fordingbridge

The Guardian Warm Roof is the pioneering model in lightweight conservatory roof replacement. It was the first of its kind to gain full LABC and LABSS approval [] in the UK, which it still holds today. With a Guardian Warm Roof, you can be sure that the product you are buying adheres to all building regulations for the Fordingbridge area.

Moreover, a Guardian Warm Roof can be installed in just three days! Team Guardian is made up by trained and experienced professionals who will respect your privacy and the considerations you want taken into account.

Our bespoke roofs are fitted to your requirements and safety tested under factory conditions before installation. For more peace of mind, we can promise you a fully backed ten year guarantee.

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