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Rejuvenate the curb appeal of your Dorking residence and get a conservatory that is useable all year round with one of the selection of tiled conservatory roofs made by Guardian.

A classy Victorian or Edwardian Guardian roof over your conservatory is far more appealing to the eye than the conventional glass or polycarbonate installation. Guardian Roofs Dorking

However, the benefit extend far beyond just the visual appeal. This innovative roof is made to effectively regulate temperatures within a room.

Whatever the season of the year or the prevailing weather conditions, you will be able to spend time comfortably in your conservatory. 

The multiple layers of high-performance insulation in Guardian Roofs will work to keep every corner of your Dorking house habitable while saving you cash in energy bills.

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Benefits of Guardian Roofs in Dorking 

All Guardian roofs come fully compliant with the regulations the Local Area Building Council introduced in 2013 regarding conservatory roofing.

They are also compliant with building regulations regarding U value, a measure of the thermal efficiency of roofing structures. 

Quick, easy installation

Installation typically takes a maximum of three days, this to remove the old roof, recycle and install the new, thermo-efficient roof. Disruption to the homeowner is minimal – one weekend you might have a conservatory that is too hot to enjoy, by the next it is a wonderful extension to the house.

The power of choice

Guardian restores the power of choice to homeowners by offering them a variety of tiled finishes for their roof.

You can sprinkle some Victorian charm over your house or go for a more traditional Edwardian design, there are many other designs too. Browse through our gallery for inspiration for your own project.

The designs and subtle colours ensure that the conservatory becomes a subtle extension to the rest of the property, rather than looking like a bolt-on.

The change to the conservatory helps it turn into a room that can have a multitude of uses. Many use their new, improved room as a home office, others as a games room, more still as a second lounge area.

Economically sound choice

Besides being beautiful to look at and easy to get up, Guardian roofs have helped homeowners in Dorking save hundreds of pounds in energy bills.

This is because the thermal efficiency of these roofs ensure you have less need to run your boiler or air-conditioning.

On top of this, the classy aesthetics of this roof will see you get better value for your home should you put it on the market.

Read through the many testimonials of our past customers to get an idea of how Guardian can revolutionise the way you live.

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