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A Guardian roof has the capacity to transform your Compton conservatory into a vital room in the every-day running of your household.

Conservatories in Compton would be a great idea if it weren’t for one pesky problem; the seasons.

With the changing of the seasons, the conservatory either grows far too hot or far too cold to be used comfortably.

A Guardian replacement conservatory roof fixes this by placing a layer of solid insulation between you and the great Compton outdoors.

Your conservatory can be an all-year round room with this one simple home improvement. Read on to learn more about the practical, aesthetic and financial benefits.

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Guardian roof gallery 059
Guardian roof gallery 059

Compton Guardian Roofs – Why they are necessary

Practical Sense

A Guardian Warm Roof makes practical sense because it can insulate your Compton conservatory. Insulation is a basic concept that has been used throughout human history in the construction of basic dwellings. For some reason, conservatories didn’t quite get the message. Glass or polycarbonate roof plates amplify the sound of rainfall, magnify sun glare and are absolutely no barrier against winter cold and summer warmth.

A replacement conservatory roof like the Guardian Warm Roof is constructed with layers of high performance insulation and breathable membrane. It can stabilise internal temperatures inside your conservatory, enabling you to use the space throughout the year. The sun will no longer be able to shine directly in and the rain will sound softer. Rather than the glorified storage space it once was, your Compton conservatory will suddenly be as valuable as any other room in the house.

Financial Sense

An insulated conservatory means that you no longer have to use as much heating or air conditioning to keep the room temperature bearable. This will save you money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Eventually, over time, the work will pay for itself. It may even be that your house will go up in value on the Compton housing market thanks to the improvements.

Aesthetic Sense

A Guardian Warm Roof is tiled on the outside with lightweight tiles that can be matched to the colours of your Compton home. The roof fits onto the existing conservatory framework, making your conservatory look like a chic extension. Inside, you will have a plaster ceiling with embedded lighting or glass panels for natural light. The feel will be more of a light and airy sun room than a glass tank. Guardian roofs come in a range of roof styles from modern to classic designs

Why Go With Guardian Roofs?

The Guardian Warm Roof was a pioneering product in conservatory roof replacement. The mark 1 model was one of the first of its kind to pass UK building regulations, proving that it was possible to safely put a solid roof onto conservatory walls. Guardian roofs have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval in Compton and across the UK, so you can be assured of our quality.

We assemble our roofs and test them under factory conditions before installation. We offer a fail-safe ten year guarantee to ease your mind.

Team Guardian can fit your new roof in just three days, removing, recycling and replacing the old glass or polycarbonate, leaving you to enjoy your new sun room in peace.

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