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Guardian Roofs Bordon

What better way to make a fast and effective home improvement to your Bordon property than to replace your conservatory roof?

A Guardian Warm Roof is a tiled alternative to the standard glass or polycarbonate roofing. It is the perfect solution to all the problems conservatories pose.

A Guardian Warm Roof will insulate your conservatory, preventing fluctuations in temperature that come with the change in seasons. You will be able to sit and view the Bordon outdoors, comfortable within your own home all year round.

Lightweight and uniquely tailored to fit your conservatory, a Guardian roof is the most economical choice in conservatory renovation. By simply replacing the roof, you can save hundreds on energy bills and greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the roof will markedly improve the appearance of your conservatory and your property as a whole.

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Guardian Roofs Bordon


Why choose a Bordon Guardian Warm Roof?

There are three main benefits to choosing a solid replacement roof, and the Guardian Warm Roof is exemplary in all categories.

First, a replacement conservatory roof stabilises the internal temperature of your conservatory. The Guardian Warm Roof has layers of high performance insulation and permeable membrane that will drastically improve the quality of your conservatory’s atmosphere. There will be no more condensation, no more mould, no more sun glare, and no more extreme turns of temperature. The room will be useable all year round, and you will find yourself with extra space because if it.

This carries over to the second benefit, where an insulated roof reduces the need for expensive heating or air conditioning. You can save money on your annual energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. According to AECOM, roofing insulation can save around £200 a year on a typical Bordon residence. These improvements will see a long-term return should you ever decide to sell. People are willing to pay more for a Bordon property with a chic extension rather than a faulty conservatory.

And the third benefit is that a Guardian Warm Roof will transform your conservatory into a chic extension. A Guardian Warm Roof comes with a great range of choice in external and internal design. From the style of the roof to the colour of the roofing tiles, you can make your conservatory blend into the general aesthetic of your house. It will no longer stick out like a sore thumb. Internally, the ceiling will be finished like any other room, with added skylights giving it a smart and enduring appearance. Explore our range of styles here.


Why Choose Guardian Roofs, Bordon?

Rapid Installation – It takes Team Guardian just three days to strip, replace and recycle your old conservatory roofing. We understand the stress that home renovation can cause, and we guarantee to do our jobs with minimal disruption to your daily lives and your Bordon neighbourhood.

Quality Engineering– The Guardian Warm Roof design was the first of its kind to become fully LABC and LABSS approved in the UK. This means that we were pioneers in conservatory roof replacement, checking all boxes for building regulations in Bordon and beyond.

Peace of Mind – If you choose Guardian roofs, your replacement roof will be tested under controlled factory conditions prior to installation, ensuring that it is certifiably safe. If you are unsatisfied with our word, we also offer a fully backed ten year guarantee.

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