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Blackfield is supplied by the leading manufacturers of replacement conservatory roofs, Guardian Roofs Southern.

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to transform your conservatory into the best part of your house, you’ve come to the right place.

A Guardian roof system is a multi-layered construction, lined with insulation and breathable membrane.

Replacing the glass or polycarbonate roofing of a traditional conservatory with a Guardian structure will completely revolutionise the way you use the space.

Temperatures inside the conservatory will be stabilised throughout the seasons and you will be able to use it comfortably all year round.

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Benefits of Guardian Roofs, Blackfield


A Guardian replacement conservatory roof is built with insulation. Unlike glass or polycarbonate panels, a solid, insulated roof will keep heat inside the conservatory during winter and stop the space from becoming too hot in summer.

Sun glare and condensation will also be reduced, producing a comfortable and healthy environment for you to use as the family requires.


Team Guardian will come out to your Blackfield property to survey your conservatory and discuss the results that you want to achieve. Each one of our roofs is bespoke and made to the client’s specifications.

You can choose from a range of design options, including roof shape, tile colour, lighting and internal ceiling finish. See our gallery here for ideas.


With a solid, tiled roof, your conservatory will appear more like a sophisticated extension than a glass add-on. Inside, the space will feel like a substantial room, with a proper ceiling and electric lighting. You can even add sun-protected glass panels to retain the element of natural light.


A replacement conservatory roof preserves the existing walls and windows of the conservatory, making this a simple home improvement. With added insulation, you will have less expenditure on heating and air conditioning throughout the year.

Finally, with all the improvements of a Guardian roof, the value of your property may rise on the Blackfield housing market.

Why Guardian Roofs in Blackfield?

Guardian Roofs Southern are one of the UK’s long-standing conservatory roof manufacturers and suppliers. We have been a leader in the market since solid conservatory roofs first passed safety regulations. As such, our bespoke products pass all building regulations and legal requirements in the Blackfield area.

Team Guardian has refined the installation process down to just three days. In this time, our skilled technicians can remove your old roof, recycle it and fit the new. On top of this, you are guaranteed a 10 year warranty to ensure that our replacement conservatory roofs stand up to their reputation.

To enquire about the Guardian Warm Roof or request a quote for Blackfield, contact us online or on 023 92780020 today.

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