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What better way to make a fast and effective home improvement to your property in Bishop’s Waltham than to replace your conservatory roof?

A Guardian Warm Roof is a tiled alternative to standard glass or polycarbonate roofing. It is the perfect solution to all the problems conservatories pose.

A Guardian Warm Roof will insulate your conservatory, preventing fluctuations in temperature that come with the change in seasons. You will be able to sit and view your garden in Bishop’s Waltham, comfortable within your own home all year round.

Lightweight and uniquely tailored to fit your conservatory, a Guardian roof is the most economical choice in conservatory renovation.

By simply replacing the roof, you can save hundreds of pounds on energy bills over the years, effectively paying for the initial work.

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Why invest in Guardian roof replacement for Bishop’s Waltham?

A Guardian roof is a sensible investment for your conservatory in Bishop’s Waltham if you’re interested in any of the following:

  • A simple home improvement
  • To use your conservatory all year round
  • To see a financial return on your investment
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of your home
  • To improve the appearance of your conservatory
  • To raise the market value of your property

A Guardian roof is designed to replace the glass or polycarbonate roofing on your conservatory in Bishop’s Waltham. This means that all windows, frames and doors of the original conservatory will be retained, making the roof replacement process as simple as possible.

The Guardian Warm Roof is a lightweight, solid roof that can be insulated, tiled and made breathable.  This means that moisture will be able to escape, eliminating condensation and mould growth; the internal temperatures will be stabilised throughout the year; rain will not sound as loud; and the sun will not shine into the conservatory so harshly. Your conservatory will be as useful to you as any other room in your home.

Due to improved insulation, you will use less heating and air conditioning in winter and summer. The savings you make on energy bills will eventually pay for the work itself and decrease the impact of your household on the Bishop’s Waltham environment.

You will have complete control over the design of your new roof. You are able to choose the shape of the roof, the type of lighting on the internal plaster ceiling, and the colour of the tiles on the outside. The roof can be made to blend with the appearance of your house, transforming your conservatory into a stylish extension.

You may even find that the improvements a Guardian roof makes to your property will increase its value on the Bishop’s Waltham market.

Why go with Guardian roofs, Bishop’s Waltham?

The Guardian Warm Roof was a pioneering product in conservatory roof replacement. The mark 1 model was one of the first of its kind to pass UK building regulations, proving that it was possible to safely put a solid roof onto conservatory walls. Guardian roofs have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval in Bishop’s Waltham and across the UK, so you can be assured of our quality.

We assemble our roofs and test them under factory conditions before installation and offer a fail-safe ten year guarantee to ease your mind.

Team Guardian can fit your new roof in just three days, removing, recycling and replacing the old glass or polycarbonate, and leaving you to enjoy your new sun room in peace.

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Uncover the potential of your Bishop’s Waltham conservatory with a Guardian roof – contact us online or on 023 92780020 today.

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