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Getting a Guardian roof on the conservatory of your Shoreham house is a wise move in terms of aesthetics, functionality and economics.

With this roof in place you can comfortably enjoy spending time in your conservatory in the warmest of summers or coolest of winters. This is thanks to the high-tech insulation built into Guardian roofs in Shoreham.

The well-designed insulation also makes this roof much more energy efficient than  traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs, saving you hundreds of pounds in energy bills – an estimated £200 per year on a typical property according to independent research by AECOM.Guardian Roof Shoreham

The fact that you won’t have to think of another replacement or repairs for many years means you also save in the long-term.

Guardian roofs are quick and easy to install, especially with experienced accredited installers like CountryView. And the fact that every Guardian roof comes full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval means even less hassle for you.

Ask for a quick free quote for the ideal style of Guardian roof for your Shoreham residence or call us on 023 92780020 to discuss further options with our knowledgeable agents.

Benefits of Guardian Conservatory Roof in Shoreham


Who doesn’t want to hear about savings in this day and age?

Well, Guardian Warm Roofs have been proven to save homeowners up to £200 every year. How? With the efficient temperature regulation these roofs provide, you will have less need to fire up the boiler in winter.

A room that is usable all-year round

The key benefit – no longer will the conservatory be off limits for large chunks of the year.

The claim that a Guardian roof makes the conservatory usable is a big one, however it is backed up by official regulation. Until 2010, conservatories were only allowed glass or polycarb roofs. This regulation was changed only because Guardian proved the benefits of their product.

Profit if you move

Moving might be the furthest thing from your mind once you have had a wonderful replacement conservatory roof fitted.

However, if you were to move it is likely that the work to have a Guardian conservatory roof installed at your Shoreham home would have paid for itself and more besides. This is because any would-be buyer is effectively getting  superb extension rather than a flawed conservatory.


Yes, you can have a conservatory roof that matches the theme of the rest of your house, with roofs coming in a range of styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable and more. Have a look at these styles and see which Guardian roof designs can work for your Shoreham abode.

Stress free installation

All it takes is three days and you will be free to enjoy your new Guardian conservatory replacement roof.

You will not need to go seeking approvals for the new construction as all Guardian roofs come fully LABC approved.


We adhere to the highest standards before, during and after the installation, including customer service standards. Check out what these past customers had to say about our work and service.

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