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A Guardian Warm Roof will allow you to enjoy your entire Guildford residence throughout the year.

Your conservatory will cease to be unbearably hot during summer and too cold to enjoy during winter.

Instead, it becomes an all-year round room effectively resembling an extension at a fraction of the cost of building an extension.

guardian roof guildford

With a Guardian roof over it, your conservatory can even be converted into an extension of your living room. And with a variety of finishes and conservatory roof styles to choose from, your new Guardian Conservatory roof will blend right in with the rest of your Guildford house.

No Planning Problems

Our roofs are LABC-approved, so you won’t have to worry about getting the required paperwork for the construction.

Ask for a quick free quote from this site or give us a ring on 023 92780020 to give your Guildford abode a Guardian Roof makeover.

 Superior Insulation with Guardian Roofs

Spending time in your conservatory any time you wish- even in extreme weather, can become a reality with a Guardian roof. This is thanks to its high-performing insulation, which you can read more about here.

The rigid layers of insulation, insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood and vapour membrane work to effectively keep out hot air out of the room during summer. They also work to keep the warm air in during winter.

Save Money on Energy Bills with a Guardian Warm Roof

Your conservatory will be more habitable and you stand to save substantially on energy bills. You can end up saving close to £200 every year; this is what a recent survey by AECOM revealed.

The longevity this roof promises, through a 10-year guarantee, means you won’t be spending on repairs or replacements any time soon.

It will also be compliant with the regulations introduced by the LABC, so you won’t have to worry about getting approval. At CountryView, we take it upon ourselves to ensure your new roof is LABC-approved.

The quality of our work and customer service speaks for itself; a number of our Guildford clients have submitted reviews of their experience getting a Guardian roof.

Few other kinds of conservatory roofs can match a Guardian roof in terms of aesthetics.

We offer a selection of finishes and roof styles including traditional Victorian, Edwardian and lean-to conservatory roof.

These styles ensure your conservatory blends in with your Guildford house and no longer resemble an unattractive glass or polycarb bolt-on.

Dial 023 92780020 for more information or request a free quote now.


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