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Get a new Guardian roof for your Fareham residence and revolutionise both the look and usage of your conservatory.

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MUCH BETTER: Get a conservatory that blends in with your Fareham home

With this tiled conservatory replacement roof, you will be able to enjoy the your conservatory every single day of the year. It will be the gift that keeps on giving for you too as your energy bills will be significantly lower over time.

Your house will also look much better than it does with the conventional polycarb or glass roof.

And the switch from your current Fareham roof to a Guardian one will be much easier and faster than you think.

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Guardian Conservatory Roof Fareham: Key Benefits

A Guardian roof for your Fareham home represents a real upgrade on conventional conservatories and comprises a raft of compelling benefits.

All-year comfort

 You can enjoy the use of your conservatory on the hottest summer day or coolest winter evening with a Guardian roof.

The high-performance insulation effectively keeps the warm air out during summer and prevents warmth from escaping in the cold season. You can find out more about how the insulation in a Guardian roof can work for your Fareham home here.

Lower costs

Guardian roofs are made to save homeowners money both in the long and short-term. The longevity of these roofs means you won’t need to repair or replace it in a long time and this means long-term savings for you. In the shorter term, you will notice that your energy bills will reduce as your air conditioner and central heating do less work.

Stress-free installation, LABC Approved 

Getting your new Guardian roof in place over your Fareham conservatory will be a quick and easy process taking just a few days. You won’t need to worry about seeking LABC approval. The official Guardian roof was the first to receive approval from the building council.


With the wide range of finishes and styles available, you are sure to find a conservatory roof that matches the theme of your home.

You can read the reviews of our customers from this independent report if you require further assurance of the quality of our roofs.

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