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A Guardian Roof can transform your Surrey conservatory into the best room in your house.

That’s because the thermally efficient Guardian Warm Roof system makes conservatories in Surrey usable throughout the year.

For this reason, some homeowners have even turned their conservatories into studies or even extra living rooms.

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Improved Insulation with Guardian Tiled Roofs

Ordinarily, your conservatory turns into a baking furnace on the occasional balmy Surrey summer day or an unbearably cold dungeon during the too frequent cold winter days. The main reason for this is the roofing.

Conventional conservatories in Surrey are made from polycarb or glass and less inclined to retain heat in their roofs.

With the superior insulation offered by Guardian Roofs, your Surrey conservatory will remain pleasant and habitable regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Please see this page for full technical information about the superior insulating properties of Guardian roof conservatories.

Guardian Roofs save Surrey homeowners money

Improved insulation means that Guardian Roofs save you plenty of cash in the way of energy bills. You will find yourself needing much less energy to heat or cool your home, and this will translate into more manageable bills every month.

We also believe a tiled roof conservatory will add to the value of your home because it resembles an extension more than a polycarb conservatory that looks bolted on.

guardian conservatory roof in Surrey
MATCHING ROOFS: A tiled conservatory can complement your Surrey home

Stress-free Guardian Roof Installation

 Many people are put off replacing their current conservatory roofing when they think of the amount of time and inconvenience the process will cost them.

With a Guardian replacement conservatory roof, you can put such fears to rest.

First of all, you won’t have to worry about acquiring the necessary approvals from the authorities. Our roofs are fully approved by the Local Area Building Control (LABC) and so planning agreements should be a doddle.

Secondly, we are official Team Guardian members serving the south of England so are fully approved and offer fully backed 10 year guarantees

Improved Appearance with Guardian Roofs

Finally, on top of making sound financial sense, Guardian Conservatory Roofs will drastically add to the beauty of your Surrey abode.

They are available in a variety of exterior and interior finishes from which you can select to match your personal taste, and also come in a wide range of Guardian Roof styles such as Edwardian and Victorian conservatory roofs.

This means your conservatory can now match your home and not look like a bolt-on! Have a look at our gallery if you need inspiration.

Get  a free quote for your Guardian Roof conversion conservatory roof online or call us now on 023 92780020.

Ten Year Guarantee guardian conservatory roof
GUARANTEED: Official Guardian Roofs in Surrey get a fully backed 10 year guarantee


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