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Looking for Guardian Conservatory Roofs in Farnborough? These incredible solid, tiled conservatory roofs are transforming both the room itself and the whole house.

No longer do Farnborough homeowners have to put up with a room which is too hot in summer, too cold in winter, Guardian conservatory roofs turn a room that is a major disappointment into arguably the best room in the house.

The work typically takes just three days, the roofs look great both inside and out and it makes financial sense to make the change (more on that later!) To find out more, simply call us today on 023 9278 0020.

Of course the main reasons people consider a replacement conservatory roof is to get their room back, to make it an enjoyable place to spend the summer months in.

That’s probably how you ended up on this page, maybe via a search for Guardian Conservatory Roofs Farnborough. The roofs in most conservatories are simply not up to the job, glass or polycarbonate are not good at regulating temperature, which is why they aren’t used on the rest of the house!

Guardian Conservatory Roofs Farnborough – a smart choice!

Switch to a Guardian Conservatory roof and the problems disappears – and the room isn’t just usable, it’s a genuine joy to be in.

Our testimonials show just how happy our previous customers have been with both our work and the transformation the roof has made.

You might be wondering, why is Guardian conservatory roofs are such an enhancement are they not more common in Farnborough and beyond?

The reason is that only since 2010 has it been possible to have a roof other than glass or polycarbonate – and in effect this means a Guardian roof as the only solid, tiled replacement roof to have that all-important LABC approval.

Only with a Guardian roof can you buy with complete confidence. The fact that a Guardian conservatory roof means you can enjoy the summer in your Farnborough home is perhaps the benefit most people are looking for.

However it is far from the only one. The roofs look great – just check out the gallery and range of styles. Rather than being a glass bolt-on, there is a style and colour to match your property.

In effect, the conservatory will now blend in and look like a sympathetic extension. The same is true on the inside too.

A range of finishes are available, all designed to make the very best from the room, keeping the best elements of all conservatories – that they are light and airy, but also just making them a pleasure to be in. Importantly, there is one final, major benefit.

The change makes sense financially. Of course there is an initial outlay, sadly we have bills to pay too, but then every year you get to enjoy year on year savings on your energy bill.

The thermo efficiency of our roofs is such that the boiler can be on that bit less in winter. With energy costs only going one way, these savings are likely to grow ever more noticeable.

Perhaps more importantly, there is the price jump the work can lead to if and when you come to sell. Rather than a conservatory with its glass roof and inherent problems, you have what is in effect a sympathetic extension and perfect place to enjoy those summer months.

For potential buyers, that is worth paying for. Getting a usable room which looks great and makes financial sense feels like a pretty good range of reasons to consider making the switch.

So please call us today on 023 9278 0020 to find out just how easy it is to make the switch.

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