Guardian Conservatory Roof South of England

Guardian Conservatory Roof South of England

Are you stuck with a conservatory which is virtually a no-go zone in the summer, a Guardian conservatory roof – available in the south of England through CountryView – could rectify the problem.

The Guardian Warm Roof is a solid, tiled replacement roof. It is designed to be far better at regulating temperature than a glass or polycarbonate roof.

This means that whether it is the height of summer, or depths of winter, the conservatory can be a great space rather than used simply as extra, expensive storage.

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At CountryView, we are the leading manufacturer and installer of these roofs in the south of England. Naturally, we believe the roofs have many benefits, but just what are the advantages of a Guardian Roof and do the facts back up the claims?

Get a usable conservatory

The core reason people look for a replacement conservatory roof, the Guardian Roof makes the conservatory usable all year round as the solid, tiled roof is so much better at regulating temperature than the glass or polycarb roof it replaces.

Of course, it is easy to make grand claims, are they backed up? In our case the feedback and independent customer reviews show the benefit of a Guardian Roof from CountryView in the south of England.

You can read customer testimonials and download an independent report on CountryView all through this link.

Buy with peace of mind

There are other replacement conservatory roofs on offer in the south of England, but it is worth noting that only Guardian have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval as solid, tiled replacement roof.

This isn’t a coincidence; it stems from Guardian’s work in proving the value of their product, showing how it really can make a difference to homeowners lumbered with a flawed existing conservatory.

Until 2010, the only choice for anyone wanting a conservatory was a glass or polycarb roof – a choice where neither option was much good.

Guardian’s work saw regulation changed, in choosing this product you can be certain that it has the backing of authorities; they are certain of its qualities.

With CountryView, you also always get a lengthy guarantee.

Roofs which look great

Most conservatory roofs don’t blend in with the rest of the property. Ours do.

The Guardian Warm Roof comes in a full range of styles – Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable and more. And all these in a choice of subtle colours.

Whatever the style of your home in the south of England, there is a Guardian replacement conservatory roof to match. You can see the full range here, and why not have a look at the image gallery.

Little Upheaval

Typically it takes just three days for our expert team to remove and recycle the old roof and install the new.

You can have all the work done without a single weekend disrupted – there aren’t many home improvements which have so profound an effect for so little upheaval.

A change which can make financial sense

If you’ll excuse the cliché, with a Guardian Conservatory Roof you can have your cake and eat it – especially when you live in the south of England.

There are two ways the change makes financial sense. First, there are the annual energy bill savings. The roof’s far greater thermos efficiency means that on an average property, the energy bill savings run to around £200 a year – that figure arrived at by the independent research of AECOM.

And if you ever look to sell, the work has often more than paid for itself. Any would-be buyer is effectively getting a sympathetic extension rather than a flawed conservatory and this is an upgrade they are willing to pay for.

We realise that any home improvement is not something to be undertaken lightly. Please have a look round the site, you can request a quick quote from the form, or contact us for a thorough chat through the options.

Call us today on 023 92780020.

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