Guardian Conservatory Roof South East

Guardian Conservatory Roof South East

The South East is the perfect area for a conservatory, and with a Guardian conservatory roof you can be sure you will get the most out of our great summers.

Guardian conservatory roofs exist to solve a problem inherent with almost all conservatories in the south east and beyond. The problems exist everywhere, but they are felt more keenly in areas where the climate should make the conservatory the best room in the house when the sun shines.

The problem with most conservatories is the roof, in short they are unfit for purpose. Most conservatories have glass or polycarbonate roofs, neither of which can regulate temperature.

But Guardian roofs, available in the south east through approved manufacturer and installer Country View, rectify this.

Our solid, tiled replacement roofs make the conservatory a great space all year round. Importantly, they are the only such roof to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

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Why Upgrade to a Guardian Conservatory Roof in the South East?

We believe there are many reasons to add a Guardian roof to your conservatory.

The key benefit has to be that they make the room not just usable, but a genuinely great space when the sun shines. No longer will the conservatory be too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Instead, it will be just right all year round.

The roof, unlike glass or polycarb, is great at naturally regulating temperature; it is also far more energy efficient and so makes the conservatory cheaper to heat in winter.

Instead of a conservatory which is a virtual sauna, perhaps only used as extra storage, instead you get a perfect room for those summer evenings and weekends. Sit back and enjoy it with a good book and glass of wine…

There are other benefits too. The roofs look great, we have a range of styles and subtle colours so that there is a Guardian conservatory roof to blend in with every type of south east property. No longer do conservatories have to look like bolt-ons, instead they can be a sympathetic extension. You can see the full range of styles here.

With Guardian there are financial benefits too. Every year, you will save money on your energy bill, this is because of the roof’s greater thermos efficiency. A report by the independent AECOM estimated the savings on a typical property to be around £200 per year, each and every year.

Better still, if you ever look to sell the work is likely to have paid for itself and maybe much more besides. This is because would-be buyers are getting a sympathetic extension rather than an unusable conservatory.

Guardian also offer buyers complete peace of mind. Only Guardian have full LABC approval as a solid, tiled replacement roof –this is because it was Guardian who worked to show the value of the product and prove its effectiveness, helping to force through the regulation change which made solid, tiled conservatory roofs allowable.

A Guardian conservatory roof is a change which will transform your home, yet with Countryview’s expertise it is a change available in the south east which typically only takes three days. We are not aware of many home improvements which have so profound an effect in so short a space of time.

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