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A Guardian Conservatory Roof is a simple change you can make to your Eastbourne property that will have a dramatic impact.

Guardian Conservatory Roofs are solid, tiled replacement roofs with three major benefits – and some of the benefits are unique to our product.

Our roofs look great, and they blend in with the rest of the property. Whatever the style of your Eastbourne house we have a style and colour to match, this means that no longer will your conservatory look like a bolt-on, instead it becomes a sympathetic extension.

The roofs also make them room usable all year round. Eastbourne has a superb climate (at least by Britain’s standards!), so you want to be able to enjoy the summer. Whereas most conservatories become no-go zones when the sun shines, our roofs keep the temperature in pleasant ranges irrespective of whether it’s glorious or freezing outside.

And switching to a Guardian conservatory roof also makes financial sense, especially in the Eastbourne housing market.

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Contained within the links above there is a lot of information, especially in the brochure which is a great starting point.

However, what are the headlines? Why have so many people in Eastbourne already opted for a Guardian Conservatory Roof?

The main reason is to get that room they dreamt of. The conservatory should be the best room in the house in the summer, it shouldn’t be a no-go zone only good for storage or drying washing.

Our solid, tiled roofs make that change. Whereas glass or polycarb roofs are simply not up to the task, ours will keep the temperature within a pleasant range. To find out what customers make of the change, just read the testimonials page.

The work is also stress free. Typically it takes just three days using our tried and tested step-by-step approach. It goes without saying that all our installers are experienced, courteous and professional.

Guardian Roofs also have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval, meaning that with our product you can buy with complete peace of mind.

Looking good!

We also think our roofs look great, and key to this is the range of styles which ensure there is a Guardian conservatory roof to go with every type of Eastbourne property. No longer will the conservatory look like a bolt-on to the rest of the house.

And there is a final benefit, the financial bonus our roofs have. Every year you ,will save money on energy bills, typically around £200 a year according to AECOM, this is because the boiler can be on so much less in winter.

Longer term, if you ever look to sell the work tends to have paid for itself and often more. In the Eastbourne housing market, Guardian conservatory roofs are a great selling point, they mean as a buyer you get a sympathetic extension rather than a flawed conservatory.

We realise that any home improvements are not to be undertaken lightly. Please have a good look round the site to get a feel for Guardian conservatory roofs and our ethos as a company.

And we would love to answer any queries – please get in touch  either online, by phoning 023 92780020 or through the quick quote form.




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