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Conservatory roof replacement Southampton

Southampton should be the perfect city for conservatories – and with a conservatory roof replacement you can get the room you dreamt of.

You don’t need us to tell you how sunny Southampton can be, how it should be the perfect place to sit in a conservatory, soaking in that sun, relaxing.

But given you’ve searched for conservatory roof replacement Southampton you also don’t need us to tell you the major drawback of what should be a much-loved room. The roof, it’s not fit for purpose.

However, a roof replacement for your Southampton conservatory can change that. Call us today on 023 9278 0020 so we can have an informal, no-obligation chat to discuss your needs.

By changing to a Guardian Roof, you get to ditch the glass or polycarbonate and instead get a solid, tiled roof. Improved style, improved structure and most importantly, improved inside.

Southampton home owners – we’re the experts in conservatory roof replacements

A question we are often asked is, if tiled roofs are so much better for conservatories then why are so few conservatory roofs tiled? The vast majority have either glass or polycarbonate.

The answer is simple – it’s only since 2010 that conservatory roofs could have anything other than the dreaded glass or polycarb and even now lots of people don’t know they can upgrade.

Up to 2010, the regulations meant that any conservatory built was often unfit for purpose for much of the year. Too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, only perfect for a few months of the year.conservatory roof replacement southampton

Since the regulation change, tiled, solid conservatory roofs have been available in Southampton and beyond – often as a replacement for the existing roof. This though tends to mean the Guardian Roofing System as the only system to have full local building regulations approval. There is also a 40-year guarantee meaning complete peace of mind.

However, you shouldn’t choose a Guardian Roof just because of the lack of alternatives for your Southampton conservatory replacement roof; instead there are a host of positive reasons.

  • Get the room you dreamt of. You had visions of the conservatory being a year-round joy; instead it’s only usable during the mildest of months. Change to a tiled, solid replacement roof and your conservatory will be transformed, often becoming the best room in the house.
  • Range of styles. There are many styles and colours available; this means the new roof will blend in with the rest of the house. No longer will you have a glass bolt-on to the house.
  • Quality work. We use a step-by-step process carried out by hugely experienced fitters. Only the Guardian system has full local regs approval and we also offer a 40-year guarantee
  • Financial sense. Over time you will make regular saving because the heating bill for the conservatory will drop so much; the heating rating of our roofs is unmatched.
  • More financial sense. Upgrading to a solid tiled roof adds value to the house, in many cases paying for itself instantly.
  • Quick turnaround; we can have the old roof out and new one installed inside three days!

But the main reason to get a replacement roof for your Southampton conservatory is simply to turn the room from wasted space into the haven you deserve.

Call us today on 023 9278 0020 so we can start discussing your individual needs.

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