Conservatory roof replacement Basingstoke

Looking for a company who can provide a conservatory roof replacement in Basingstoke?

Want a roof that transforms your conservatory into a room that is a pleasant temperature all year round? Also want a style and colour that blends in with the rest of the house, and a product of such quality that it cuts heating bills and adds to the resale value of the house?

Then why not call us today on 023 9278 0020 to have an informal chat about the Guardian Roofing System an how it can give you the conservatory you dreamt of.

You will have searched for conservatory roof replacement, Basingstoke for one of two reasons. Either the roof you have got is broken, more likely it is intact but remains unfit for purpose.

Conservatory roof replacement – best in Basingstoke, best anywhere

A glass or polycarbonate roof will always leave the room too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Why then, do conservatory roofs always tend to be glass or polycarbonate? Why aren’t the provably superior solid tiled roofs the Guardian Roofing System provides pre-eminent?

The answer lies in a recent regulation change. Up until 2010, conservatory roofs had to be either glass or polycarb; essentially a pointless choice with neither keeping the room within enjoyable temperature ranges.conservatory roof replacement basingstoke

Since 2010, solid, tiled roofs have been permissible and in effect that means Guardian roofs as the only one to have complete building regs backing. Throw in the quality of the Guardian product and a 40-year guarantee and you have a product that competitors cannot even begin to match.

However, we know that work on the house is never undertaken lightly, and perhaps, having spent good money on a conservatory you wonder about the benefit of spending more to replace the roof.

There are though many reasons, including the fact that it makes financial sense to upgrade your conservatory by replacing the roof.

Replacing the roof of your Basingstoke conservatory…

Gives you the room you deserve. Rather than a room that is rarely the right temperature, you will have one that has a proper, regulated temperature and so is pleasant all year round. For just the price of a new roof, the conservatory is transformed into the best room in the house

Provides sympathetic styles. Let’s be truthful, glass isn’t a great look for a roof. By upgrading to a Guardian solid tiled roof you get to choose from a range of styles and colours and so your conservatory will now blend into the rest of the house rather than look like a bolt-on

Makes financial sense. Every year, you will enjoy significant energy bill savings; the U-value rating of the roof is guaranteed 0.18, this means winter fuel bills will be just a fraction of the current level.

Adds value. A conservatory with a proper, solid tiled roof ads more to the house value than one with a glass or polycarb roof. Often the work essentially pays for itself, with the house jumping in value by more than the cost of the work. So upgrading the roof can even make financial sense if you’re looking to sell the house.

A top quality job. Only Guardian has full building regs support, and Guardian also offers a 40-year guarantee. We are able to do this because of the quality of our installers, all of whom are experienced with work at UK and abroad.

Please take a look round the site, at the galleries, styles and quality of the work. We can also provide testimonials of many delighted customers who are all now enjoying their conservatory as they should have been all along.

Call us today on 023 9278 0020, we are waiting to discuss your needs.

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